one night stand

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one night stand (English) — Reference to a sexual encounter - lasting one night

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one night stand — (идиома:) случайная связь, роман на одну ночь;
(дословно:) однодневная гастроль

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one night stand — tek gecelik ilişki

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"one night stand" in lyrics

How we did it in a one night stand
Boy I wanna be more than a friend to ya.
It's nice to, nice to know ya, let's do it again
How we did it in a one night stand
Boy I wanna be more than a friend to ya
Let's do it again.

Pia Mia - Do It Again

(Verse 1:)
Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love cause I'm just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan

Sam Smith - Stay with Me

You shouldn't have fallen in love
It was just an one-night stand
I told you so
Baby, I told you so

João Bosco & Vinícius - She cries, rings me

στο κλάμπ με τα φώτα σβηστά
Γιατί το παίζεις ντροπαλή;
έλα και δείξε μου τι είσαι
μέσα, μέσα, μέσα, μέσα[fn] το παίζει ντροπαλή αντι να του δείξει ότι είναι μέσα (για σχέση ή one night stand ) [/fn]
Σταμάτα να παίζεις τώρα το ξέρεις ότι είμαι
μέσα μέσα μέσα μέσα

Fifth Harmony - Το αξίζω

my place is there
my love might wake up
who will warm her up.
Strange lover of a one night stand
i'll thank
your unknown and sincere skin

Pooh - The strong desire for her

In my arms, will I substitute
My guitar
For a wedding ring
Or a one-night stand girl?
Am I awe-struck
When I appear on the stage?

Bense - Never ever

Don't think that I am invincible

Baby don't think that we go too far
Does this become more than a one-night-stand
Or do you only want to have me to tell your friends about it

Freundeskreis - With you

But I am dying to see you
to the point that our bed
I never used it again
if I have an one night stand
I tussle with her in the sofa
for not hurting the memory

Ricardo Arjona - Do you rembember me?

but the industry's a lot like, a crap game
Ain't no time for commitment, I gotta go
Can't be wit you every minute miss, another show
And even though I'm known for my one night stand
I wanna be an honest man, but temptations go...

2Pac - Temptations

[Shirin David]
I promise you, if I could I would turn back the time
I feel ashamed to look you in the eyes day after day, baby
Damn it, it was a one night stand
I fought for you too often
You've beaten me, yelled at me

Ado Kojo - You don't love me

[Verse 2]
He could be a stranger you gave a second glance
He could be a trophy of a one night stand
He could have your humour, but I don't understand
He'll never love you like I can, can, can

Sam Smith - Like I Can

I'm down a one way street
With a one night stand
With a one track mind
Out in no man's land

Aerosmith - Hole in my soul

You don't exchange saliva with friends
When it ended the guy took her with him
Jossu is a wilder case
It would be better if she was just a one night stand for you
You may be blind but I see what this bitch is
She's not innocent, her sport is triathlon

Cheek - Jossu

My job comes with complimentary toothpaste
Lately, I’ve been living up out of my suitcase
Building trust in that I’m leaving on Tuesday
Bought a one night stand, just a bootleg
A duplication of something authentic
Heart augmented, and it’s so hard to end it

Macklemore - Thin Line

When you look into the past
(Look into the past)
One night stand...
(One night stand, oh)

One night and one more time

Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

The lovers don't have a reason to dream anymore
Insouciance lived you always have to preserve yourself

One night stand becomes a dangerous game
And makes us see burning tomorrows
The evil that goes and runs makes lovers frightful

Charles Aznavour - bitter love

Tell her that I want her
Tell her that I need her
Tell her that she’s more
Than a one-night stand
Tell her that I love her
More than anyone else

Ed Sheeran - One Night

Gonna rock your body all night
It's lust at first sight

It's just a one night stand
Maybe even just a five minute jam
Yeah, I'm sure you'll rate your gram

Chris Crocker - I want your bite

Please don't see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies.
Please see me reaching out for someone I can't see.
Take my hand, let's see where we wake up tomorrow.
Best laid plans; sometimes are just a one night stand.
I'd be damned; Cupid's demanding back his arrow.
So let's get drunk on our tears and...

Keira Knightley - Lost Stars

I'll melt the ice
And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance
But fear is in your soul
Some people call it a one night stand
But we can call it paradise

Duran Duran - Save a Prayer

Dich schwängern, schwanger, schwängern

Kannst du es glauben, ich bin im Club mit einem Mädel, das einen Kerl hat
Und nehm sie mit aufs Hotel für einen One Night Stand
Schau, ich bin ein Player, also versuch ich gar nicht erst, mich mit ihr zu verabreden
Ich bin zu sehr wie mein Lehrmeister, Mann, ich versuch einfach, es direkt anzugehen

R. Kelly - Schwanger

Yeah - e - yeah - e - yeah

In case you didn’t know,
You’re more than just a one night stand,
I need some supervision,
I'm losing all control of my hands,

Enrique Iglesias - The Way You Touch Me

I'm being real, I'm being real with you
Real with you, I'm being real, real, real with you
Real with you, I'm being real
Believe me darling, its a one night stand

[Verse 3: Sevn Alias]

B-Brave - One Night Stand

Knock you up, pregnant, Knock you up

Can you believe I’m in the club with a girl who has a man,
And take her to the hotel for just a one night stand,
See I’m a playa so I ain’t tryna take her on no dates,
To much like my patrone man I’m just tryna take it straight,

R. Kelly - Pregnant

It wasnt for you to fall in love,
It was just a one-night stand
I told you so
Baby, I told you so

João Bosco & Vinícius - Cries and calls me

Edible strange, how do I get in your pants when you're tick tockin' them
Serious levis? so tight can't be classified that's why i'm here to fill that opening,
Make a seasoned pass to mount that ass and bob hope that I might one night stand a chance
Let's go feng shui the fuck around my digs like a superball bring that sunny side up and

Bloodhound Gang - Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

in my heart
and you just see all that
and you got a solution for everything
like we've only shared an one night stand

Who,you?That you've only learned to say

Nikos Vertis - who, you?

If I can't trust
Then why am I giving my heart in exchange for him to love me?
Cause there ain't much
Difference than a one night stand and one that ain't for me
Is it too much?
Cause you hate that you love everything that he do and you can't deny you wanna

Miley Cyrus - Love, Money, Party

Little lady, come and fade me."

I'm a wanderess
I'm a one night stand
Don't belong to no city
Don't belong to no man

Halsey - Hurricane

Room 22 is where I'll be waiting for you

Embrace me, tell me a false name
Without intimacy, this is a one night stand
Nothing personal, nor similar to a relationship
Generously show me your talent

Seka Aleksić - Room 22

Put your hands in the sky
We will keep the party rocking all night long
Sexy boys at the end
looking for a one night stand
We will keep the party rocking all night long

Andreea Bănică - Sexy

Reaching out for someone I can't see

Take my hand, let's see where we wake up tomorrow
Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand
I'll be damned, Cupid's demanding back his arrow
So let's get drunk on our tears

Maroon 5 - Lost Stars

I want to win every game and set,
but it should never go too easy, aha

And I don't want any one-night-stand, aha
I'm going to check if you're my man, aha
I know there was something about those frogs

Nanne Grönvall - I must kiss you

You’re fuckin’ the broad ¹⁰
You just come in and think
everything’s cool,
that it’ll be one wicked one-night stand , ¹¹
but you thought wrong!
The wrong time, the wrong place,

Bushido - Dirt Bag (explicit)

Drug that I can try
No ferris wheel, no heart to steal
No laughter in the dark
No one-night stand, no far-off land
No fire that I can spark
Mmmmm, mmmmm

Madonna - Drowned World / Substitute For Love

and c'mon carry me with you
far away from all the looks/eyes

everyone before you (were just) for one night stand
they all were to me only adventures
and with you everything, exactly everything, changed in a moment

Toše Proeski - Break Me

I started to speak with it as if it's a man

I said, if you're as lonely as me
If you're a one-night stand
And if you're breaking out from a memory
Which is leaning over you

Teoman - The Weather Vane

Είμαι σε ένα μονόδρομο
Με μια κοπέλα για one-night-stand
Με ένα κομμάτι στο μυαλό μου
Έξω στη χώρα του κανένα

Aerosmith - Τρύπα στην ψυχή μου

Ooh yeah
I'm not a man to play around baby
Ooh yeah
cos a one night stand isn't really fair
From the first impression girl hmm you don't seem to be like that
Cos there's no need to chat for there'll be plenty for that

Craig David - 7 Days

Started off as a one night stand. Lingered to a fling.
The sirens and the sergeants didn’t seem to mean a thing.
Hide your fangs all you want, you still need the blood.
Tell us that it’s different now, you’re up to no good.

Take my hand, show me the way, we are the children that fell from grace.

Bring Me the Horizon - It Never Ends

You should stay another night with me
A one night stand is all I need

Keri Hilson - One Night Stand

Denk dat het waar is, ik ben niet goed in een one-night stand
Maar ik heb nog steeds liefde nodig, want ik ben ook maar een man
Deze nachten lijken nooit volgens plan te verlopen
Ik wil niet dat je weggaat, wil je mijn hand vasthouden?

Oh, wil je niet bij me blijven?

Sam Smith - Blijf Bij Me

Who cares! You've just discovered us
You've tasted blood and checked the lyrics
Both of you are blown away:
This is not a one night stand!
More hand in hand!
This is my band!

Killerpilze - Boom

I guess it was a one night stand
One night stand
I guess it was a one night stand
One night stand
I know it, yeah

Enrique Iglesias - One Night Stand

When you give me the look
it turns me on, you know it well
a woman that has power
no, you're not a one night stand

It wont hurt, wont hurt, wont hurt

Emir Djulović - Wont Hurt

So let the river run

[Verse 2: Eminem]
One night stand turned into night stayin’
He was calling so might scram, now we hug tight and
He found out, now she feels deserted and used

Eminem - River

Cause I can be bought, but you'll pay the cost
If you can afford me

If you want me, I'm not a piece of ass, a one night stand, a storage shed
I think you better walk by, tonight
Oh, no.

Katy Perry - If You Can Afford Me

You're pulling on me like the moon, I just wanna get you sideways
I say anything I can, to get me more than just a dance,
Tell me where to put my hands,
You know that you can be my favourite one night stand

You get me higher

The Cab - La La

I know what's on your brain
You're probably hoping it never would end
Like is it the real thing
Or is just a one night stand, well then

Straight up, now tell me

J. Cole - Work Out

Let's go home and have a home party. Will you come?
I am just afraid that you would ring off soon, saying "Tomorrow I have to go a temple and pray."
How high?! We can kiss the sky!
Life is like the ocean. We cannot end up with the one night stand.
"One night in Kenting, I left various thoughts there."
You are my Coca-Cola, ease my thirst.

MC Hotdog - I love Taiwanese girls

February 24, 1978 Kang Gary

I actually try not to look young for my age
The infallible high schooler, who was a wanderer that looked for a one night stand with a college girl
Having beer with dried pollack, cigarettes and a lighter, soju mixed with Pocari – that’s the best
Going with the flow, I go to the video room, high off the atmosphere

PSY - Seventy Seven 101

in my heart
and you just see all that
and you got a solution for everything
like we've only shared an one night stand

Who,you?That you've only learned to say

Nikos Vertis - Who, you ?

Zhiga-zhiga, guy from Rostov
I love you and not matter who you are.

You through that I'll be one night stand
But I won't.
If I'm without brakes - you will be enough of it

Glukoza - Gorilla

Jag vill vinna varje gem och set,
Men det ska aldrig gå för lätt, aha

Och jag vill inte ha nåt one-night-stand, aha
Jag tänker kolla om du är min man, aha
Vet det var nånting med grodorna,

Nanne Grönvall - Jag måste kyssa dig

I'm right here

Selfish, selfish, selfish me, yeah, me, yeah
Girlfriend, break-up, new one, one-night stand, cheat, cheat, repeat that
Drug use, clean up, drug use, drug use, clean up, drug use, rehab
Fuck you, I suck dude, self-loathing, self-esteem, ego, then me again

Macklemore - Life Is Cinema

Just get it off
The way you move, so scandalous
Its all about the two of us
A one night stand just aint enough
I need some stimulation baby
A little conversation maybe

Mis-Teeq - Scandalous

denk' nicht ich sei unverwundbar

Baby meinst du nicht dass wir zu weit geh'n
wird das mehr als nur ein one night stand
oder willst du mich nur haben um dein' hom's davon zu erzähl'n

Freundeskreis - Mit dir

[Shirin David]
Ich schwör' dir, wenn ich könnt würd' ich die Zeit zurückdrehen
Schäm mich Tag für Tag dir in die Augen zu sehen, Babe
Verdammt es war ein One-Night-Stand
Zu oft hab ich um dich gekämpft
Hast mich geschlagen, angeschrien

Ado Kojo - Du liebst mich nicht

Du fickst die Frau,
kommst hier einfach rein und denkst
alles ist cool,
das wird ein geiler One Night Stand
doch falsch gedacht!
zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort

Bushido - Dreckstück (explizit)

He's high class and shit and we'll start talkin'
Talkin' loosely over shit and I could feel it just in case
I wouldn't say no to him, even if I ain't so sure
A one-night stand ain't really my thing
It is what has to come, ain't just the farewell kiss
I pull rubber bands out of the bag , 'cuz I can't nibble without 'em

Tic Tac Toe - Kiss my A, B, C

It's time for me to go somewhere
They're chasing me out like the devil
I am not a saint
But I am also not a one night stand.

Crooks and rascals

Selma Bajrami - In love

Well, is time one and only remedy?
I fell with bottles, I accept your distance
Teach me being for one-night stand
And let noone hear it

Ferman Akgül - I swear I won't want you to love me

I'm a man
I'm a virgin
I'm man
I'm a one night stand
I'm a man
I'm a drug

Lovage - Sex (I'm A)

that smells so nice
and sighs so sweet
at the end we all came down to
a one night stand and regret


Jelena Karleuša - One Night Stand and Regret

[Verse 2]
So here's to the nights, dancing with the band
Strangers into girlfriends form a one night stand
Brought a little liquor and turn up the Johnny Cash
You could bring a receipt to Heaven but you cannot take it back

Macklemore - Cowboy Boots

I can stand a lot, but not harsh words
I won't touch the jigsaw puzzle before seeing the picture
Even though sometimes I give my soul
In the end, it was just a one-night stand

Love me again, kiss me again

Ajda Pekkan - Love Me

Can you try it for me? Even if it's for one day
You should be modest for me

I wanna tell ya that I'm a one night stand
Are you lookin' for a guy that turns me on?

Azis - Buddha bar

Closed my eyes
An adventure does not fit into a day
Love doesn't be a bait for a single night
"You're not a one night stand"
Remember, you said that
If you dial my number

Hadise - Adventure

Who gets what she wants and knows where she's been.

Alright show your hand,
I'm looking for the promise of a one night stand
So I'm going looking for those rock 'n' roll women tonight,
I said I'm going looking for those rock 'n' roll women tonight

Whitesnake - Rock 'n' roll women

If you only knew

Will we ever meet again
Or is this just a one night stand
But as I hold you in my arms
I wish this night would never end

Joe Dolan - Lady in Blue

I didn't mean to turn you on

I know you
Expected a one night stand
When I refused
I knew you wouldn't understand

Mariah Carey - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

You'll be thanking me that you came
Just concentrate on what you're doing to me
Don't need you to leave your number and gonna call
Just this and that's all, one night stand baby
Don't even try

Lindsay Lohan - I Wanna Be Bad

*Let's try again
One night stand, One night stand, One night stand again now!
One night stand, One night stand.. It's fine!
OH~ why don't you try again*3
Don't let me down

Yellow Monsters - One Night Stand

The man from the magazine said I was on my way.
Somewhere I lost connections, ran out of songs to play.
I came into town, a one night stand,
Looks like my plans fell through
Oh ! Lord, stuck in Lodi again.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi

Forget, forget, forget, forget

I brush her body with my hands, with my skilled caresses
Is this a one night stand,
Or the premises of a divine romance?
My tongue moves towards an already moist place

Keen’V - Heroine

Yeah, the moment I first saw you – no more – I couldn’t see anything
Just for today, I pretend that I don’t have a girlfriend
What has taken over me? I know I shouldn’t do this, this is wrong
Is this a one-night stand? What are you talking about? It just seems like that

So today, I don’t care. Cuz we wild we rolling stones.

G-Dragon - Today

She's everything I've been dreamin' of

I walked her home and she held my hand
I knew it couldn't be just a one-night stand
So I asked to see her next week and she told me I could
(I asked to see her and she told me I could)

Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good

And they all think they're so important
It's crazy!
Even the worse bastard can play the sensitive man card
Just to get a little love, a one night stand
We live in a huge theater
If you got no money, we finance you

L'Assemblée - Take Off Your Mask

Ich brauche kein Mädchen, ich brauche kein Mädchen, wie Dich.
Ich brauche kein Mädchen, wie Dich!

Ich brauche keinen One-Night-Stand,
brauche ein Mädchen, dass bei mir bleibt, bis ans Ende der Welt.
Ich bin Teil eines Anderen Schicksals.

Sunrise Avenue - Mädchen, wie Du

Te observé durmiendo
Y vi lo mejor de ti
Y esa es la razón
Por la que sigo llamándote de la manera en que lo hago

Terra Naomi - One night stand

Egal! Du hats uns neu Entdeckt
Blut geleckt und die Texte Gecheckt
Und beide seid ihr Weggeblasen:
Das ist kein one night stand!
Eher schon so Hand in Hand!
Das ist meine Band!

Killerpilze - Boom

And I said, baby don't waste your time
I know what's on your mind
U wouldn't be satisfied with a one night stand
And I could never take the place of your man
Yeah, yeah, the place of your man

Prince - I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man

He's a pretender, why'd I fall in love

It was so strange the way he held my hand
I wanted more than just a one night stand
He had a way of making me believe
That he was mine and that he'd never leave

Madonna - Pretender

Just killing time and took it slow

It was completely understood
A one-night stand would do us good
We did mmm mama ma mama ma
Mmm mama ma mama ma

The Pussycat Dolls - We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going

Really and truly

Your boyfriend is a liar
A one-night stand hunter
Black tears flew down your cheeks
Endlessly like rivers

Projecteur - Black Tears

Melt the ice
And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance
But fear is in your soul
Some people call it a one night stand
But we can call it paradise

Eagles Of Death Metal - Save A Prayer

Ich denk mir klasse alles drum, alles dran und wir fang zu quatschen an
Labern locker über alle und ich spür im Falle eines Falles
Sag ich nicht nein zu ihm, auch wenn ich sonst nicht so bin
Ne'n one-night-stand ist eigentlich nicht mein Ding
Es kommt was kommen muss, es bleibt nicht nur beim Abschiedskuss
Ich zieh nen Gummi aus der Tasche, weil ich ohne nicht mehr nasche

Tic Tac Toe - Leck Mich Am A B Zeh

Do you want this one night stand?
All right... all right

Do you want this one night stand?
Let’s take a risk go play in the sand
You can leave that ring on your finger

James Blunt - Alright Tonight

Godine gaze, a vrijeme je
da krenes svojim putem ti
one night stand je
sve sto sam htjeo
molim te, odlazi

Don Almir - Vrijeme promjena

Hashtag Facebook Girl entdeckt - Megan Fox Hashtag hoch 2
Ich wär direkt dabei, Hashtag komm doch mal vorbei.
Und sie steigt voll drauf ein, Hashtag nicht blamiert.
Hashtag treffen Hashtag one night stand, Hashtag nicht rasiert?
Hashtag Schwanger, Hashtag Kind, Hashtag trinke nur Bier
Hashtag Streit, Hashtag zweites Kind, Hashtag nicht von mir?

Y-Titty - #Hashtag

now that the sky sculpted their edges?

It's a suburban story,
it's a one-night-stand story
it's a ramble of a story
it's a wrong story.

Fabrizio De André - A wrong story

Ben real, ben real met je
Real met je, ben real, real, real met je
Real met je, ben real
Geloof me, lieve schat, het is een one night stand

[Verse 3: Sevn Alias]

B-Brave - One night stand

Du tauscht keine Spucke mit Freunden aus
Am Ende nahm der Kerl sie mit
Jossu ist ein wilder Fang
Es wäre besser, wenn sie nur ein One-Night-Stand für dich wäre
Du bist vielleicht blind, aber ich sehe was sie für eine Schlampe ist
Sie ist nicht unschuldig, ihre Sportart ist Triathlon

Cheek - Jossu

I ain't a juggalo, but I always fucking juggle hoes
And maybe it's in my nature but I never wanna date her
But she's like a shot of vodka 'cause I always gotta chase her
What's the fucking problem with the one night stand?
I'm never gonna settle down you need to understand
And let me keep it simple I'm officially stable

Ronnie Radke - Asshole

I meet with a weather vane
I started to speak with it as if it's a human
I said, if you're as lonely as me
If you're a one-night stand love
Which is leaning over you
And if you're breaking out from a memory

Teoman - weather vane

Γάμα τα ιδανικά και τις αξίες, είναι μάλλον πιο σημαντικές οι ηλεκτρονικές γνωριμίες,
τα σχόλια στις sexy σας φωτογραφίες, οι friends, τα views, οι on line ομιλίες,
το τέλειο προφίλ, οι σχέσεις οι εφήμερες, χίμαιρες, λόγια που με κυνηγάν,
γιατί οι άνθρωποι σκότωσαν πια την αγάπη το γύρισαν στα one night stand!

Κάνω έκλυση απεγνωσμένη,

Rapsodos Filologos - Ογδονταπέντε

That's why I'm here for you
"But tell me, will you come back? Or is it just an
One-night stand? "
"Or is it just an one-night stand?"

Baby, forget your friend

Nimo - Today with me

The day was gone, one more day.
Well, what can I offer you in return?
Just one more, one more day
After a one-night stand.

Tell me, who who gave you more

Maks Ilyin - Looking at the smoke

Papa was a rodeo - Mama was a rock'n'roll band
I could play guitar and rope a steer before I learned to stand
Home was anywhere with diesel gas - Love was a trucker's hand
Never stuck around long enough for a one night stand
Before you kiss me you should know
Papa was a rodeo

The Magnetic Fields - Papa Was A Rodeo

Maar ek kon niks sê dat sy bly.

En al my vriende sê vir my: ... "Buddy
'n One night stand is mos nie trou.
Want girls so mooi soos sy gaan nooit ... Steady.
En girls soos sy weet nie van bly."

Bok Van Blerk - 68 Chevy

That I
Was just a piece of ass
Was nothing that would last
My one night stand

And now I realize

Terra Naomi - One night stand

Things like love don't tie me down
I just spread my love around
Like small change on girls I don't know
I'm a gypsy man on a one-night stand

J.J. Cale - I'm A Gypsy Man

But somebody's got to do it

I'm a lover, not a loser
I'm a lonely heart's one night stand
Not a penny in my pocket
Nor a dime in my hand

The Four Horsemen - Nobody Said It Was Easy

Drop the "P" and add a "T", yeah, you can get mad at me all you want
But I'm ghost before you can even say boo, hun, let alone call me one!
A one-night stand is all he wants, with a female fan, yeah, one like Stan
And he's so about a one-night stand his bedroom has two lamps and only one nightstand
Get the hint? Ooh yeah boo, ew! I ain't finna argue
But why do you think they call it boo?

Bad Meets Evil - A Kiss

But if I close my eyes I imagine you naked
Maybe it seems like a Hollywood scene
If you thinking that, please don't deceive yourself
I just want an one night stand
Like the others, just another one who's gone

Luan Santana - Me, you, the sea and her

Keine andere Bigbootydiva scheint heute wie du
Deshalb bin ich für dich da
“Aber sag mir, kommst du wieder? Oder wird das nur ein One-Night-Stand?”
“Oder wird das nur ein One-Night-Stand?”

Baby, vergiss dein’n Freund

Nimo - Heute mit mir

I had a one night stand with my best friend's baby sister
And to this day he still won't speak to me
I pawned my grandpa's old guitar in collage
For a case of beer and a tank of gasoline

I took a swing at my old man one Christmas

Jake Owen - Startin' With Me

kaise bataaye,kaise jataaye,subah tak tujhme chahein,bheege labon ki,geeli hansi ko peene ka mausam hai peena chahein.
ik baat kahoon kya ijazat hai.
tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hai.
tere ishq ki mujhko, aadat hai
aadat hai ,aadat hai.
Ehsaas tere aur mere toh

Arijit Singh - One Night stand

Without being able to hear the voice of truth
Even the made up story is changing
Passes down, only left with the punch lines that will disappear
Lighter than the one-night-stand with the conditions
Make the scar, what’s the point of having me
The start of the love is from the tears

Kim Jae-joong - Light

I'm a man - I'm a teaser
I'm a man - Well I'm a virgin
I'm a man - I'm a one night stand
I'm a man - I'm a drug
I'm a man - Well I'm your slave

Berlin - Sex (I'm A)

Vet inte ditt namn men jag vet en sak
Ikväll vi har varann för du ler tillbaks
Du fyller mig med liv och ja bara gör
Så snälla låt de bli mer än ett one night stand
Ye ye ye, oh oh oh oh
Ye ye ye, oh oh oh oh

Dani M - One Night Stand

Most boys might trying pick you
Most boys would probably trying trick you
Chasing a one-night stand

But baby you're special

Trevor Wesley - Most Boys

Brute Force and Ignorance,
Have come to play,
A one-night stand at eight o`clock,
Then they`ll be on their way.

Rory Gallagher - Brute Force and Ignorance

and my hair to be tied back tight! Pull it with your hands!
I think we're watching too many movies, boy!
It'd be better if I put you inside my movie! Are you scaried now?
I'm not a one night stand for you,
wonder how do you end up here! I think it wasn't enough for you!
Until when, stop, stop.

Yanitsa - The Wrong One

I can sleep under a stone, I give as good as one gets

I don't touch the puzzle before seeing the picture
I understood if I would devote my soul but after all it was just a one-night stand

Love me again Kiss me again Adore me again

Enbe Orkestrası - Love me

Ein bisschen fallen lassen
Nur ich will ihr zeigen
Dass ich sie nicht für eine Nacht will
No one night stand

Eine Frau mit klasse

Capital T - Warum spielst du mit mir

No way you can censor the kid
I'm thinking
So young, the way we should live
And make this one night stand for something we did
Don't let this moment slip away
This is our last chance

Radical Something - Naked In Venice

He said it was a one night stand
But the alcohol didn't let her understand
Yeah, he said it was a one night stand
A one night stand

Cute is What We Aim For - The Fourth Drink Instinct

Let me sing you a waltz
Out of nowhere, out of my blues
Let me sing you a waltz
About this lovely one night stand

Julie Delpy - A Waltz For a Night

He met that girl passing by
Thinking it would be just a one night stand
at the morning coffee it was a bit awkward
thousand stories behind him and this one he fell for

Kaija Koo - On The Edge of Love

dig themselves through my skin into the meat
The scratch marks on my back look like
as if she'd whipped me
Sometimes I have a one night stand
As antivenin for my self-pity
I call you using *69(1)

K.I.Z. - Freefall

Betrayal is betrayal
Romance is romance
Love is love
And one night stand is a one night stand

Munhoz e Mariano - I'm awesome

You know I love your attitude
You really got me in the mood
I gotta deal me a better hand
No, no it ain't a one night stand

And there ain't a drug that's strong enough

Chris Norman - Love You Heavy

Well I'm racin' these backroads trying to save my life,
'cause the sherriff wants to kill me 'cause I fucked his wife.
Always on the run with a gun in my hand
'cause I like a good time and a one-night stand.

I'm going straight to hell

Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell

Cuz she wants to let go a bit let go
I just want her to know
That I don't want her for one night
No one night stand

She's a female with class

Capital T - Why do you play this game

It's really luring, makes us easily drunk

There is no problem
This is a one-night stand for the weekend
In the great shine of vice

Anabela - Drinks for friends

different, that is, and for that they are to be treated differently from normal ones and this is scary.
I close my mouth and eyes in the dark night and you're afraid because I'm too dark
("too dark")
you consider me only as a one-night stand
but you don't take into consideration my nature<fn>Not sure what she means. Disposition? Attitude?</fn> because I'm a

Cecile - N.I.G.G.E.R.

Bohren sich durch meine Haut ins Fleisch
Die Kratzspuren auf meinem Rücken sehen aus
So als hätte sie mich ausgepeitscht
Manchmal hab ich einen One Night Stand
Als Gegengift für mein Selbstmitleid
Ruf dich mit unterdrückter Nummer an

K.I.Z. - Freier Fall

Μικρή μου κυρία, έλα και εξαφάνησέ με"

Είμαι μια περιπλανόμενη
Είμαι ένα one night stand
Δεν ανήκω σε καμια πόλη
Δεν ανήκω σε κανέναν άντρα

Halsey - Τυφώνας

Pak me l'shu pe
Veç po du m'i kallxu
Që s'pe du për ni natë be
No one night stand

Ajo femën me klas

Capital T - Pse po ma lun lojen

Αν δε μπορώ να εμπιστευτώ
Τότε γιατί δίνω την καρδιά μου σε αντάλλαγμα για να με αγαπήσει αυτός ;
Γιατί δεν υπάρχουν πολλά
Η διαφορά μεταξύ ενός one night stand και ενός που δεν είναι για μένα
Είναι πάρα πολύ;
Γιατί μισείς που λατρεύεις όλα όσα κάνει και δεν

Miley Cyrus - Αγάπη, Λεφτά, Πάρτυ

You won't forget me when I'm gone
This feels so good, it can't be wrong
I recommend a one night stand
I know we're just friends
But you're my kind of man

Lady Gaga - Red and Blue

Lass den Fluss also laufen

[Vers 2: Eminem]
One Night Stand verwandelte sich in, in der Nacht bleiben
Er hat angerufen, also könnte es wackeln, jetzt umarmen wir uns und
Er fand es heraus, jetzt fühlt sie sich verlassen und gebraucht

Eminem - Fluss

Det viste mig, hvem du er

Berlin Berlin
Vil ikke have en anden one night stand
Berlin Berlin
Jeg vil kun være din mand

New Politics - Berlin

Όταν κοιτάς στο παρελθόν
(κοιτάς στο παρελθόν)
και το one night stand
(one night stand ο)

Μια νύχτα και μια ακόμα φορά

Fall Out Boy - Ευχαριστώ Για Τις Αναμνήσεις

Let's get it on....

Let's get it on 真夜中のphone call
Let's go crazy 君と逃避行
Lean on the back seatその後は俺に
Lean on me Girl just drive me crazy

w-inds. - Let's get it on

As a Pabst Blue Ribbon unravels
Gonna drink my hard earned pay
'Cause it doesn't matter anyway, yeah
Seeing double on a one last one night stand

Goin' down to the Ruby Room

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Ruby Room

I know you want me in your bed, this urge is killing me but no!
I know you think it's easy to get me into bed but no no no!
She's so sexy not shy at all! It's her smile it drives me mad
You just want a one-night stand with me
Women at the club, you say that men just want sex
Just get it through, tonight nothing happened between you and me

- 301

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
I'm a dog so go and let a dog bone
One night stand, you wake up, I'm long gone
Girl, quit playing, Juicy J can't be your man
No discussion, we’re strictly fucking then toss you with the band

Trey Songz - Late Night

Kiss my cherry lips tonight
Kiss my cherry lips tonight

It’s just a one night stand
You know you’re doing it well
I’m up for anything

Diedra - Cherry Lips

And it showed me who you are

Berlin Berlin
Don't want another one night stand
Berlin Berlin
I just want to be your man

New Politics - Berlin

where women are counted like they don't exist

There were a lot of those who made their glory
thorugh one-night stand
not all women the same to use only that
I want to play fair

Nina Donelli - My Body

When I heard your rap I said "yuck"
When I smelled you I said "f-cking yuck"
When I saw your one-night stand I said "ew"
That guy is definitely not winning in the night
It could be that I'm wrong, but I doubt it

Adi L Hasla - YUCK

I don't know your name, but I know one thing
Tonight, we have together because you are smiling back to me
You fill me up with life and Yes just do it
So please, let it be more than just a one night stand
Ye ye ye, oh oh oh oh
Ye ye ye, oh oh oh oh

Dani M - One Night Stand

My mate Johnny is a looker
His habit is a one night stand
He would walk the stretts in the usual way
Oh, what pretty man

MIKA - Holy Johnny

the play, smoke, books, exams
curriculum, seasonal contracts
Love, for him, isn't important, that is,
a kiss at the seaside or a one-night stand
is enough to make happy
the records of ugly scars.

Zero Assoluto - Shared Love

I never do this ever
It's not what shy girls do
But something in your eyes
Drew me closer to you

Do you feel the spark between us?

Garfunkel and Oates - One Night Stand

Let’s do it again
How we did it on a one night stand
Girl I want to be more than a friend.. to you
One night stand
I wanna be more with you

Zack Knight - Do it Again

So your easy life is over

I'm already tired of hearing you say
It's just a one night stand, there's no romance
Okay, I didn't told you that to me wasn't only a hook up
It was more importante

Anitta - I will hook up

Take my hand
Let's see where we wake up tomorrow
Best laid plans
Sometimes are just a one night stand
I'll be damned
Cupid's demanding back his arrow

Adam Levine - Lost Stars


Whoa-oooo, one night stand tonight [x3]
Tonight, tonight

TWiiNS - One Night Stand

Yeah, I know, the first kiss,
the naive heart is still falling for that...
with a long embrace the illusion lasts
you refuse to think about a one-night-stand.
Then you say the right things at the right time,
and you think "it's done, everything is perfect"...

Franco Califano - Everything else is boredom

A sincere friend I can be
Or your first lover I can be
Your one-night stand
or your owner forever
the mandatory control of your heart

Jorge Muñiz - The Other Part of You

We're in the band, all we want is a one night stand
We're in the band, all we want is a one night stand
We're in the band, all we want is a one night stand
We're in the band
We're hell on wheels

Betty Blowtorch - Hell On Wheels

Ich schwör dir, wenn ich könnt würd' ich die Zeit zurück dreh'n
Schäm mich Tag für Tag dir in die Augen zu sehn, babe
Verdammt es war ein one- night stand
So oft hab ich um dich gekämpft

Ado Kojo - Du liebst mich einfach nicht

En ik zei, schat, verspil je tijd niet
Ik weet wat er in je gedachten speelt
Je zal niet tevreden zijn (zal niet tevreden zijn)
Met een 'one night stand' (uh, uh, uh)

En ik kon nooit de plaats van jouw man innemen, oh

Prince - Ik Kon Nooit De Plaats Van Jouw Man Innemen


Baby, tror du inte att vi går för långt
Kommer det vara mer än en one night stand
Eller vill du bara har mig för att berätta dina polare om det

Freundeskreis - Med dig

Είμαι ειλικρινής, είμαι ειλικρινής μαζί σου
Ειλικρινής μαζί σου, είμαι ειλικρινής, ειλικρινής μαζί σου
Ειλικρινής μαζί σου, είμαι ειλικρινής
Πίστεψέ με, αγαπητή μου, είναι ένα one night stand

[3η στροφή: Sevn Alias]

B-Brave - One night stand

Jetzt, da der Himmel sie äußerlich gezeichnet hat.

Es ist eine Stadtrandgeschichte,
Es ist eine Geschichte wie ein One-Night-Stand.
Es ist eine zusammenhanglose Geschichte,
Es ist eine verkehrte Geschichte.

Fabrizio De André - Eine verkehrte Geschichte

Yeah! I want you to be single!

I don't ever want to be single again
A one night stand and it's all over
I'd rather show you my complete works
With love for detail included

Die Fantastischen Vier - Single

Ξεκίνησε ως ένα one night stand. Παρέμεινε σε ένα φλέρτ.
Οι σειρήνες και οι λοχίες δεν φαίνεται να σημαίνουν κάτι.
Κρύψε δόντια σου, όλα όσα θες, χρειάζεσαι ακόμα το αίμα.
Πες μας ότι είναι διαφορετικά τώρα, κάνεις κάτι κακό.

Πάρε το χέρι μου, δείξε μου το δρόμο, είμαστε τα παιδιά που κάνουν λάθη και μπλέκονται σε μπελάδες.

Bring Me the Horizon - Δεν τελειώνει ποτέ

I thought time was the only remedy
I turned over so many bottles, I accept your distance[fn]That is, The distance that you established between us[/fn]
Teach me what a one-night stand really is
Let no one hear

Ferman Akgül - I Promise I Don’t Want You to Love Me

I said hey, hey, hey, I’m a freewheel, baby
I’m just, I’m just, I’m just freewheeling around
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, bye bye bye bye baby
I’m only, I’m only, I’m only your one night stand

Eclipse - Freewheel

그녀 뒤에 서서 거친 숨소리로
말을 걸어 숏 컷트가 잘 어울리는걸
But 바지는 짝퉁 트루릴리젼
I Don’t Care 어차피 One Night Stand
손목을 잡고 나가려는데
그때 그녀가 말하길

LeeSsang - Casanova

Look in the mirror, the only one to blame is you

It's hard for you to reach perfection
So you prefer a one night stand with ungrateful people
You have an opinion for everything in your tiny living room
And you want to take part of the credit for Anna Korakaki's gold medal

Goin' Through - Goodnight Greece (White Version)

And did I get the chance to say that I wanted you to stay?
There's things I can't explain, 'cuz my brain don't work that way.
Don't call this a one night stand. No, it wasn't planned.
Wasn't in my head but I just wanna do it again and again and again just like...

Good Charlotte - Last Night

You will go right back to the start
She needs a boyfriend, boyfriend.
Who'll understand?
boyfriend, boyfriend. And not a one night stand.
boyfriend, boyfriend. She needs a man.
She's looking for a boyfriend.

Hovi Star - Boyfriend

I'm not talking about a caress
I'm talking about our whole life (The rest of our life)

No, I'm not talking about just a one-night stand
I'm not talking about one night
I'm not talking about a caress

Eleftheria Arvanitaki - No, I'm not talking about just one night

I want it so badly, you want it too!
Dirty and quickly, how does that sound to you?
Secretly and discreetly, how does that sound to you?
A one night stand, sexy, isn't it?
I want it so badly, you want it too!

Djordan - Go Crazy

ton kathréfti koíta, esí ftais kai móno

Sou eínai dískoli i shési me ton áristo..
Kai protimás one night stand me ton aháristo..
Gnómi gia óla éheis sto mikró sou salonáki
Kai thes merídio ap' to hrisó tis Annas Korakáki

Goin' Through - Kaliníhta Elláda

I want a love written in capitals
I want a story that lasts a lifetime
I won't unfold my wings
For a one night stand
No, that's not it
I want love, love the way it used to be

Daniela Simmons - Not for me

Mach mich dann auf den Weg in die allerschärfste Bar,
Checke dort die Lage,
Such' die schönste Frau mir aus,
Lad' sie ein auf einen One Night Stand,
Wenn's geht, bei ihr zu Haus'.

Peter Kraus - Der Anmacher

Whether they're from the Chinese Sea
Or from the bottom of England
Whether they've got red hair or black skin
Whether they're Indian or a one-night stand
When they've got Christ in their soul
When they're nice to take

Damien Saez - Watching the girls cry

The sly strings gleam with devil's copper sheen,
For that they will avenge him unforeseen,
They keep on asking, who's that one-night stand?
And why does he hit helpless keys with hand?

Piknik (Russia) - Beethoven

We stumble through the door and you're holding my hand
and all of our friends won't let us live it down.
And I was so proud to finally be a man,
but little did I know that this was nothing but a one night stand, oh.

And you, my dear, are so sincere

SayWeCanFly - İntoxicated I love you

Σου ορκίζομαι πως αν μπορούσα θα γύριζα το χρόνο πίσω
Ντρέπομαι να σε κοιτάζω στα μάτια κάθε μέρα, μωρό μου
Να πάρει, ήταν απλώς ενα one-night-stand
Πάρα πολλές φορές πάλεψα για εσένα
Με χτύπησες, μου φώναξες

Ado Kojo - Δεν μ' αγαπάς

Well, I thought it would be
A one night stand - I could have lived with that
But now it seems to me
I'm just a fly that is caught in your net

ASP - Demon Love

[Chorus: B-Brave]
Es tut mir leid, mein Schatz, das ist ein One Night Stand
Außerdem möchten Sie jemanden, wenn Sie wissen, wer ich bin
Sorry, Schatz, dies bleibt ein One Night Stand
Glauben Sie mir, dankbar sein, die Dinge, die Sie nicht mich wissen
Seien Sie authentisch mit Ihnen, wirklich mit Ihnen

B-Brave - One night stand

If you called on me
I'd come running, running, running

We were leaning on a one-night stand
I was keeping up and no one cared
I was leaving you alone but still

Taking Back Sunday - Call Come Running

They're easy, they're miserable, they're ok only for a one night stand - I'm telling you!
They're cheeky, seems like they're always the unfortunate ones!
They like what belongs to someone else - they just don't have anything theirs,
there's nobody to love them and they always fall asleep alone!


Tedi Aleksandrova - In His Heart

Stay the night

You know I want ya and I need ya,
but you're just a one night stand
If you get breakfast in the morning
you'll be a lucky man

Millionaires - Stay The Night

So thank you with my heart and with my hand
That you’ve agreed to take my weakness for the kindness
For awesome one night stand
For rare dates that followed
For sunshine that is not too bright to blind us

Marina Tsvetayeva - I Like That You Are Love Sick - Not For Me…

Ich gehe eine Einbahnstraße hinunter
Mit einem One Night Stand
Mit einem einzigen Lied in meinem Kopf
Hinaus ins Niemandsland

Aerosmith - Loch in meiner Seele

τον καθρέφτη κοίτα, εσύ φταις και μόνο

Σου είναι δύσκολη η σχέση με τον άριστο..
Και προτιμάς one night stand με τον αχάριστο..
Γνώμη για όλα έχεις στο μικρό σου σαλονάκι..
Και θες μερίδιο απ” το χρυσό της Αννας Κορακάκη..

Goin' Through - Kalinihta Ellada (White Version) | Καληνύχτα Ελλάδα ( White Εκδοχή )

My heart began a thumping, babe, you had it jumping

'Cause you're more than a number in my little red book
You're more than a one night stand
In case you get to thinking that you'd been took
You're more than a number, written in my little red book

The Drifters - You're More Than a Number in My Little Red Book

Turn up the speakers, let's hear that pop

I'm won't stick to you like chewing-gum
I'm fine with this one night stand
And when it rains the raincoat will protect you

Lumottu Apina - Irresponsible

Vem är det som vandrar på dubbelmoralens bro?
Är det den stora Bocken Bruse månntro?
Ett one-night-stand är någonting du gärna hakar på
Men nåde om din kvinna nån gång i sitt liv gjort likaså

Nanne Grönvall - Madonnan

Και είχα την ευκαιρία να πω ότι ήθελα να μείνεις;
Υπάρχουν πράγματα που δε μπορώ να εξηγήσω, επειδή το μυαλό μου δε λειτουργεί έτσι.
Μη λες ότι ήταν ένα one night stand. Όχι, δεν ήταν σχεδιασμένο.
Δεν ήταν στο μυαλό μου αλλά απλά θέλω να το κάνω ξανά και ξανά και ξανά ακριβώς όπως...

Good Charlotte - Χθες Βράδυ

Så lad floden løbe

One night stand omdannet til nat stayin '
Han ringer, så måske scram, nu krammer vi hårdt og
Han fandt ud af, nu føler hun sig forladt og brugt

Eminem - Flod

I've tread those mean streets, blind alleys
Where the currency of love changes hands
All touch -- no feelin'
Just another one night stand
I need to know that there's someone who cares
Could you be the angel to answer my prayer?

Survivor - Is this love

My love could awake,
who will keep her warm?

Strange one-night-stand friend,
I will thank
your unfamiliar and sincere skin,

Pooh - So Much Longing For Her

Hit you with the timer, then I Rocket, so we get together
Fire till explosion, then I'm out, I guess I'll call you never
Next thing that you know, you're up at home, feeling a little mad
But tilting lasts forever, sorry babe, you're just a one-night stand


Falconshield - This Is War 5 (This Is Wardles)

Ich werde das Eis schmelzen.
Und du wolltest tanzen, also bat ich dich zum Tanz,
Doch in deiner Seele ist Furcht.
Manche Leute nennen es einen One-Night-Stand,
Wir aber können sagen, es ist das Paradies.

Duran Duran - Spar ein Gebet auf

Girl, I liked you, understand it was only for the night
You told me that, now you wanna act
Like I told you I'd commit but it's more then I can give
Was this all a plan? Turn a one night stand
Into more than we agreed?
I can't give you what you need, baby

Jay Sean - One Night

Kleine Dame, komm und lass mich verschwinden."

Ich bin ein Wanderer
Ich bin ein One-Night-Stand
Gehöre nicht zu keiner Stadt
Gehöre nicht zu keinem Mann

Halsey - Hurrikan

And this is the woman you laid
This is the woman you laid

We promise ourselves this is no one-night stand
Let us draw all the curtains and strike up the band
And I'm thrilled by gentlest touch of your hand we pretend

The Beautiful South - Bell bottom tear

I don't need a man doing everything he can
And giving up his life and everything he has to please me
I don't like the kinda guy who tells you that he loves you
For the sake in the heat of a one night stand

I never met a man as perfect as you

Girls Aloud - Girls Allowed

Believe 'cause I'm the one that wrote this song
If I could turn back time and read your mind
Besides these dice and cards, I'm just another game
If you could live forever you'd still wanna be a one night stand


Of Mice & Men - Westbound & Down

Set your argument
If you want to sleep in my bed
I want a love forever
Not a one night stand
That ends in the morning
I want a love, a love

Lia Crucet - Nothing