one night stand

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Meanings of "one night stand"


A single sexual encounter with someone known or unknown but not in a long term relationships with. The person could be an acquaintance, a friend, or a stranger, etc.. It does not include couples that are in love, only ones that are in lust. There may be feelings but the immediate intent would not be settling down, having kids, and raising a family together. It would be more of gratification.

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Reference to a sexual encounter - lasting one night

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(идиома:) случайная связь, роман на одну ночь;
(дословно:) однодневная гастроль

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tek gecelik ilişki

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"one night stand" in lyrics

Ed Sheeran - Nothing on you

Boy, I never took you for a one night stand"
Want to be your man?
"Boy, I never took you for a one night stand"
She was like "Dang

Capital Bra - One Night Stand

Is it just an one night stand?
Na na na na na na

Ed Sheeran - Nothing On You

Boy, I never took you for a one night stand"
Want to be your man?
"Boy, I never took you for a one night stand"
She was like "Dang

Akina Nakamori - Oh no, oh yes

Oh no, it's not the way I planned
But no, don't let it be 'one-night-stand'
Oh yes, so baby try to understand

Norlie & KKV - More for Each Other

(I want to have an honest game with you)
Hey you, there's no one here I'm drunk on a Friday, we just talk shit but you know what I mean
Hope we are more than just a one night stand to each other

Capital Bra - One Night Stand

Ist es nur ein One Night Stand?
Na na na na na na

Jungkook - Lost Stars

Please see me reaching out for someone I can't see
Take my hand, let's see where we wake up tomorrow
Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand
I'll be damned, Cupid's demanding back his arrow

Weathers - I'm Not Ok

You said "You're doing it the wrong way"
Then you got up on the table
I could be a one night stand you crash into
Wake up on the pavement half past two

G-Dragon - Today

Just for today, I pretend that I don’t have a girlfriend
What has taken over me? I know I shouldn’t do this, this is wrong
Is this a one-night stand? What are you talking about? It just seems like that

Freundeskreis - With you

Baby don't think that we go too far
Does this become more than a one-night-stand
Or do you only want to have me to tell your friends about it

Nimo - Today with me

"But tell me, will you come back? Or is it just an
One-night stand? "
"Or is it just an one-night stand?"

Capital T - Why do you play this game

I just want her to know
That I don't want her for one night
No one night stand

Franco Califano - Everything else is boredom

the naive heart is still falling for that...
with a long embrace the illusion lasts
you refuse to think about a one-night-stand.
Then you say the right things at the right time,

MC HotDog - I love Taiwanese girls

I am just afraid that you would ring off soon, saying "Tomorrow I have to go a temple and pray."
How high?! We can kiss the sky!
Life is like the ocean. We cannot end up with the one night stand.
"One night in Kenting, I left various thoughts there."

Pooh - The strong desire for her

my love might wake up
who will warm her up.
Strange lover of a one night stand
i'll thank

Benjamin - Orgasm

I need you mentally too

Am I just a one-night stand to you?
One taboo in medication

Capital Bra - Alone

Baby don't leave me alone
Stunned feelings of cocain
"But it was only a One-Night-Stand"
She's whispering quietly

João Bosco & Vinícius - She cries, rings me

You shouldn't have fallen in love
It was just an one-night stand
I told you so

B-Brave - One Night Stand

Real with you, I'm being real, real, real with you
Real with you, I'm being real
Believe me darling, its a one night stand

Tiwa Savage - Ello Baby

Vado! Krrr! (babe)
Don't need to know o (bae o)
About my one night stand, I'm sorry o