A one-way street

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A one-way street (English) — If you describe an agreement or a relationship as a one-way street, you mean that only one of the sides is benefitting from it.

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A one-way street — Une rue à sens unique. Se dit d'un rapport entre deux personnes qui ne profite qu'à l'une d'entre elles.

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Translations of "A one-way street"

FrenchUne rue à sens unique
RussianИгра в одни ворота

"A one-way street" in lyrics

I'm loving angels instead

When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one way street
And I look above and I know
I'll always be blessed with love

Robbie Williams - Angels

I make the prison-sound, I know the ropes
Sh*t on rapping, I have never been a rapper
Since my 7th year of age it was my aim: outlaw
No way out exists, it remains to be a one-way street
And I sink here, because I just sleep on quicksands
And this sh*t keeps me awake

Bushido - Ching Ching

I need you now
Words I heard you whisper to me
We were walking down a one-way street

You need me now

Taylor Swift - Need You Now

I'm down a one way street
With a one night stand
With a one track mind
Out in no man's land
The punishment sometimes
Don't seem to fit the crime

Aerosmith - Hole in my soul

Out of me
Into you, yeah
You could hide
it's just a one way street
Oh, I believe I'm in you, yeah
Open wide, that's right

Def Leppard - Hysteria

It’s like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you’re always mad
And I, I can’t change your mind
Now it’s like trying to turn around on a one way street
I can’t give you what you want and it’s killing me
And I, I finally see, baby, we’re not meant to be

THEORY - Not Meant To Be

That took so faraway our love
Mile by mile
Your trace is no more
The street I walk is a one way street
Now, more than ever, I know who I am
If there’s something left, it’s just between you and me

Ha*Ash - Wherever you are

And in my heart, and in my body,
All the world has agreed to tell me,
That I am, touched here - where
I will never have to travel on a one-way street.


Yelle - Girls

When you feel all alone
And a loyal friend is hard to find
You're caught in a one way street
With the monsters in your head
When hopes and dreams are far away and

Savage Garden - Crash and Burn

Do you care at all?

For some reasons it's not how it's supposed to be
Feels like searching for the way in a one way street
God given but a devils mistake
I'll be your slave if you just let me stay

A Life Divided - Heart On Fire

Jubilee without perjudice
In the eyes were flashes
Dreams stuck in a one-way-street
Nothing worked at all

Herbert Grönemeyer - Greenland

Dream on, dream on,
surely someone, someone will understand me.
Down the wrong way on a one way street,
You'd think by now I would have learned.

Bobby Blue Bland - Dreamer

I swear

You were six feet in
On a one way street
When you gave into love
With my heart on your sleeve

David Cook - Time marches on

And then you smile though it aches, cos you don't believe in mistakes, just that we made a mess of things...

When the deal that you made with love is just a one way street, a one way street, you feel you'll go overboard, cos you're incomplete, incomplete.

You're not afraid to rely on any way you can try to learn to make some sense of things.

Poets of the Fall - Overboard

I feel like I'm dragging you down a one way street
I don't know which ways up
All I ask of you is to stay on your feet
That should be enough
If we stand around it could pass us by
We could give up now and never even try

Lucie Silvas - Breathe In

Ooh change people don’t change
People don’t change when you want them to.
Yeah I looked the wrong way
Crossing a one way street that day.

Ooh it’s like Alex said,

The Growlers - People Don't Change Blues

I thought it would be easy
But it ain't for me
It's kinda hard when you lay your heart
On a one way street
I really thought by now
You woulda slipped my mind

Daughtry - Outta My Head

I'm loving angels instead

When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one way street
I look above
And I know I'll always be blessed with love

David Archuleta - Angels 1

I'll love you forever
Now I know what my heart beats for

This can't be just a one-way street
Without your love, I'm incomplete
Make this one vow

Thomas Anders - I'll Love You Forever

Beat, my heart
Loudly, don't be afraid
Love was a one way street for us
Beat, my heart, yell it out loud
That you're dying for her

Giannis Ploutarhos - Beat, my heart

As we fall in our own traps we didn’t learn
Every night, in silence, we hid our pain
I will grab the wheel, I will turnaround on a one way street

We turned the whole world

Koza Mostra - Feast

Thought I knew what I want
Busy chasing love
Down a one-way street

I pushed it to the limit

The Cheetah Girls - Crash

but my legs feel like lead

my shoes are glued(?) down
on a one-way street
a ring rolled ?? ship
leading to square one.

The beatniks - No way out

There he goes gone again
Same old story's gotta come to an end
Lovin' him was a one way street
But I'm gettin' off where the crossroads meet

Miranda Lambert - Easy From Now On

You're foolin' everybody but me
I said, you're headin' down a one way street
You're foolin' everybody you meet
I said, you're headin' down a one way street
You're foolin' everybody but me...
You got to get yourself back on your feet

Aerosmith - One Way Street

I was searchin' on a one-way street
I was hopin' for a chance to meet
I was waitin' for the operator on the line

She's gone so long, what can I do?
Where could she be? No no no

Electric Light Orchestra - Sweet Talkin' Woman

and you know that
the truth
of you and me
is a one-way-street
on a Friday

Tagtraeumer - My Heart

Hold your breath, are you ready to go?
It's a bumpy ride, going high and low

Join the ride, we're on a one-way street
The sky's the limit, can you feel the heat?

Dolly Style - Rollercoaster

Everyone in the stadium is doing bungee jumping
Smile face and V gesture posing for the champion photos
Like a fat man, can't bend
Can't retreat, just like I am driving on a one-way street
Making the entire universe be our sandbag
Removing the tracks and hitting the rhythm by rap

Luhan - On fire

You're on your own - on your own

Can't stop time's been passing by
It's like living on a one way street
Stop trying to escape from the real world
And hanging by your string

Accept - Stand 4 What U R

Beat, my heart[fn] He's talking to his heart[/fn]
Beat fast, don't be afraid
Love is a one-way street for us
Beat loudly and yell out,
That you would die for her,

Giannis Ploutarhos - Beat, My Heart

but my legs feel like lead

My shoes are glued down
on a one way street
A ring road full of sheep
leading to square one

The beatniks - No Way Out

I didn't leave traces for myself so I would be able to return. I have no contact with people
It's like I wasn't alive before I met you
I loved you to the point of no return
Your eyes are a one-way street to me
All the other roads have disappeared
Either I have you in my life or no one

Valantis - No Return

Days go by
People go by, faces..
I stand in the corner, like I'm a one-way street
And I try really hard, but I can't
Do that favor to my heart

Radio Luksemburg - If I Don't Have You

From the morning I am drowning in troubles
And from the start, the day is going so wrong
I have to wait for his majesty to pass
while he shamelessly drives in the wrong direction on a one way street.*
why is my heart so troubled
Looks like it will be a day that I am going to regret living.

Hamza Namira - why did it become so dark*

Don´t let you walk into the rain,
Baby yeah..
Don’t Surrender now your heart is weak
Love breaks down a one way street
Baby Yeah…

Miriam Cani - Don't Surrender

I need someone to help me
Turn it on

Driving fast down a one way street
Lord of loving you dance so neat
Baby try not to hit the sky

Straightener - Electricity

Four Thousand Year Chinese Love

He is an only child who goes the wrong way in a one-way street
And me I'm one with one sibling; what a good chemistry, isn't it?

whiteberry - Four Thousand Year Chinese Love

When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one way street
I look above
And I know I'll always be blessed with love

Yuridia - Angels

She can keep her fantasy
If she can get away

Paint her name on a one-way street
Painted cheeks with angry heat
Wounded pride on painted eyes

Rush - War Paint