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狼なんか怖くない (Ookami nanka kowakunai) (English translation)


Submitted by Diazepan MedinaDiazepan Medina on 2020-12-06
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Somehow I'm Not Afraid Of The Wolf

Versions: #1#2
Will you turn into a wolf too?
Wearing lipstick for the first time, I'll pick a color...
...that's not too red
As long as it gives out a mature vibe, it's fine
Maybe I just need to purse my lips
The thing is, I don't know how to kiss
I'm looking at the mirror and keep thinking about this and that
Someone said I've good looks but my nose just get in the way
I wonder if it's a line from an old movie
Will you turn into a wolf too?
Even if you turn into one, I won't be afraid of you
Will you turn into a wolf too?
Even if you turn into one, I won't be afraid of you
Holding my high heels in both hands, ...
I was trying hard not to run away
Let's just shut one eye and watch
He is a good guy, so...
I believed he won't hurt me
Thinking back at that day, I was worried about this and that
They said worrying too much might get me a fever
I guess it was lyrics of a hit song
Will you turn into a wolf too?
Even if you turn into one, I won't be afraid of you
Will you turn into a wolf too?
Even if you turn into one, I won't be afraid of you
Submitted by RetroPandaRetroPanda on 2022-08-20
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RetroPandaRetroPanda    Sat, 20/08/2022 - 01:32

Ishino Mako (born: January 31, 1961) was a popular idol from late 1970s. She made her debut in 1978. Idols in her era all have unique catchphrase to differ themselves, and hers was: "million dollars smile"; it might be referred to her 'unique' teeth which only became her attractive feature. In her peak, Ishino Mako songs ranked between #15 - #27 in Oricon chart, but she regularly appeared on TV, won a lot of awards and have performed 2 times in Kohaku Uta Gassen. Mako was also a tv presenter in some music programs and an actress.

On personal level, Ishino Mako seems to be well loved by staffs and co-workers / co-stars she worked with. She got along well with people she worked with. Sometime she even got a surprise birthday party on her drama filming set. In her last performance before retirement in "Yoru no Hit Studio", it can be seen that she was showered with love by fellow singers, tv hosts, etc. After all, she was the type of lovely person who would brought home-baked cake to staffs and co-stars in TV program she worked at.

Technically, Ishino Mako is a 1970s idol since she debuted in 1978. But she is about the same age as early 1980s idols. In fact, Ishino Mako was classmate with Matsuda Seiko in highschool. 

Mako retired in 1981 to get marry, but she made a comeback to entertainment industry in 1983.


This song is her debut song released in 1978. These are her live performances:



And.... this was Ishino Mako in 2017

^ she would sang this song in 3:31. In 2017, she was 56 years old by the way. What a youthful look!



*Trivia: for people who watch super sentai series; Ishino Mako was also part of that franchise in mid 2000s.

uji nauji na    Sun, 21/08/2022 - 06:13


RetroPandaRetroPanda    Sun, 21/08/2022 - 08:21

The anime looks cute  (^▽^;)

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Fri, 23/09/2022 - 16:10

Ishino Mako duet with Matsuda Seiko

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