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Opening Ceremony (Lifa) (Malay translation)


Opening Ceremony (Lifa)

Remember, that we all are brothers
All people
And beasts and trees
And stone and wind
We all descend from the one great being
That was always there
Before people lived and named it
Before the first seed sprouted
Submitted by First Time AliveFirst Time Alive on 2019-09-14
Last edited by Miley_LovatoMiley_Lovato on 2020-06-29
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Majlis Perasmian (Lifa)

Ingatkanlah, bahawa kita semua adalah saudara
Semua orang,
binatang dan pokok,
batu dan angin
Kita semua berasal dari satu makhluk agung
Yang sentiasa berada
Sebelum orang hidup dan menamakannya
Sebelum benih yang pertama tercambah
Submitted by methaneRain127methaneRain127 on 2022-08-26
Author's comments:

Lack of a better word for great being, if someone knows better let me know.

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