Alen Islamović - Opet meni đon (English translation)

English translation

I Got Dumped Again

My heart made me to dial your number
They say you're out, wandering, that's your hobby
Olala, I got dumped again
The streets are yours, I have no chance,
Nor the SWAT team, nor CIA, nor the police
Olala, I got dumped again
Hey, when I find you, I'll sweetly tell you
Come to the dark side, I have cookies
Go, go, everybody go to hell
Everybody's playing with me, from the dusk 'till dawn
Go, go, go to hell
You screwed me
Go to hell
Yellow moon fell asleep in lilacs
I don't drink, but tonight there'll be a rawkus
Olala, I got dumped again
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Opet meni đon

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