Prljavo Kazalište - Oprostio mi Bog,mogla bi i ti (English translation)

English translation

God forgave me, so you could, too

There are days, there are nights,
I lied to you,
I can't go on without you,
And before roosters answer,
Three times at dawn,
I'll still deny you,
Like Peter denied Christ,
Although I'll wash
Your feet with my tears.
There are days, there are nights,
That I'll go through sleepless,
And like Judas I'm looking for a way,
To redeem myself,
I lubricate my hair with wine,
Scented oils,
Good morning, Mr H,
It's a shame you're a liar and a whore
God forgave me,
So you could, too
Because sun doesn't really
Shine on my door.
Submitted by Self hating fortune cookie on Sat, 05/11/2016 - 01:25
Author's comments:

The translation isn't always literal everywhere because I figured it would be more useful to translate the general meaning of the song rather than everything word for word.


Oprostio mi Bog,mogla bi i ti

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