Oscar and the Wolf - Orange Sky


Orange Sky

And it's a fun
We're hanging on
The living chains
The living on
Come away with me
And I drive you into the wild
We'll take the blame
For you don't loose a flame
The sun it turns so blue
The water's warm
Your beauty burns
So I will try and fail
And do we have a tower
To see the clouds change
And I will stare beneath
The bright orange sky
And you all control
The silken light
And you take what you want to have
What you keep inside
Summer skin
Everything we want
Don't lift the brakes
And we don't want to stay here
Give me your eyes
I'll give my heart for you
I want you even more I love your eyes
And you're all in control
The silken lights
Please take what you want to have
What you keep inside
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