Happoradio - Ottaistiko silti minut (English translation)

English translation

Would you still take me

I moan a lot and like the drama
I dance in the rain
I'm afraid of the lights and get embarrassed quickly, I like it in the shadow
Perhaps indecisive, no clear answer can be taken from me
Shy, quiet, expect in drunk I make noise: "blood from the nose"
Would you still take me? Even if I never would beat anyone
Would you still take me? Even if I never would reach anything
I avoid the responsibility, I don't look the place for the answer from the journey
I get lost easily, I can't find the right way from the map
Let's go with that, that there aren't healthy spot in me
Let's go with that, without me I'll never catch anything
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It's full of mistakes so please correct them Regular smile


Ottaistiko silti minut

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