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Se li jam ŝin renkontus
Ĉio estus alia
Ĉio estus... rapida
Pli rapida... pli rapida...
Oh se li jam al ŝi renkontus
Ĉu li vere starus tiel sole
Oh se li jam al ŝi rekonus
Ĉu li vere restus tiel izole
Se li jam ŝin renkontus
La viv' estus pli rapida
Ĉio estus pli rapida
Li sentus sin
Kiel en videolud'
En Testarossa de Sega
Dolĉa knabin'
Harar' en la vento apude
Rapideco maksimuma
Nivelo kvar transpasita
Ĝis la fin', ĝis la cel'
Tra la kvina nivel
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If he already met her
Everything would be different
Everything would be... fast
faster... faster...
Oh if he already met her
Would he really stand alone like that
Oh if he already met her
Would he really remain so isolated
If he already met her
Life would be faster
Everything would be faster
He would feel1 himself
Like in a video game
In Testarossa from Sega2
A sweet girl
Hair in the wind
Maximum speed
Level four passed
Until the end, until the goal
Through the final level
  • 1. feel in the emotional sense
  • 2. reference to the Sega Arcade game Outrun where the player drives a Ferarri Testarossa
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Added in reply to request by J03DJ03D
Author's comments:

I haven't played the game but the song seems to be about the videogame Outrun by Sega

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