Ovelha Negra (English translation)

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The black sheep

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I was living a peaceful nice life
I loved to enjoy my easy laid-back life
Oh Lord
How come I had lived so long
Without knowing the truth?
That was when my father
Said to me
"My daughter, you're the black sheep of the family"
"Now has come the time for you to respond for your acts"
"and to get out of here"
Baby baby
It's pointless to call for help
When you see yourself lost in the way,
trying to find out who you're really are
Baby baby
It's useless to be waiting for
Oh no
Get this idea out of your head
And put order in the rest of your life
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Author's comments:

The literal form is indeed a beautiful way to describe how it felt like the way she spend her days by doing nothing, just fooling around:

Gostava de sombra e água fresca
I loved the life by the shadow (of the palm trees) and the fresh water


Ovelha Negra

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