Rocket to the Moon lyrics


Rocket to the Moon

I look up in the heavens and I can see your face
Your gentle eyes in moonlight, I feel your warm embrace
We were the perfect family: Ba Ba, you and me
I never thought that he’d find someone new
And not remember you
Of all the tales you told me, Chang’e was what I loved
She lost her precious Hou Yi, then floated up above
She waits for him forever, so Ba Ba – why can’t he?
If I can prove to him her tale is true
He’ll remember you
Fly away
Chang’e are you calling to me?
Fly away
Are you up there, looking at me?
Can you see what nobody sees?
Can you hear my voice up on the moon?
Fly away
Wish I had the wings to take me
High away
To a place where no one doubts me
And I’d walk on a lunar dune!
Could I find a way to get there soon?
Build a rocket to the moon?
I would fly beyond the stars to keep my family
If I did I'd show my father love lasts all eternity
I would prove truth’s in the heart –
Not only what you see
Make him see
Could I discover a way to break through?
What could a girl like me possibly do?
Build me a rocket– imagine the view!
Oh how I want to–
Fly away
Chang’e I am coming to you
High away
Ba Ba, I will prove it to you
I’ll be free of all gravity
Hey, chang’e I’m gonna be there soon
In my rocket to the moon!
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