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Overall (English) — Në përgjithsi

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Overall — ....

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Overall — Taking everything into account, to summarize all the parts as a whole.

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Translations of "Overall"

EnglishBy and large

"Overall" in lyrics

I'm not afraid of death but of oblivion
It's good, what you've done
So they retain something of you
But overall, not what you were like
Moreover, I don't have luck
So, it's fortunate I'm not dreaming of getting rich

Stromae - I'm Running

[Dr Dre]
Es fühlt sich an als wäre es schon ein leben lang her
aber ich erinnere mich an die Scheiße immer noch, als ob's ers gestern gewesen wär
du bist rein gekommen, gelber Overall
alle Leute im Raum haben Witze über dich gerissen
als du einmal drinnen warst in der Bude, hab's dir gesagt, bist du

Dr. Dre - Ich brauch einen Arzt

We will meet our eyes with the baby-doll
We will persuade a girl by missed call
Using bat-ball, By going to cinema hall
Oh by taking her to marriage hall, overall..
I will stick your photo to my chest using Fevicol.

Mamta Sharma - With Fevicol

In my life you are the language of my life on this earth

Overall I love you, in total simplicity I would

And in a piece of poetry, you'll be my light, my love

Chayanne - I Love You

Es fuehlt sich tatsaechlich an wie vor einer ganzen Lebenszeit
Aber ich erinnere mich immer noch an die Scheisse als ob es gestern war
Du bist hereingekommen, gelber Overall
Der ganze Raum, hast Witze erzaehlt
Als du in die kabine kamst, ich hab dirs gesagt, wie Nebel

Dr. Dre - Ich brauch einen Arzt

Zigzag, zigzag, yes, I had to wriggle

From count in plant your overall [ are you sure about this sentence?? The last word doesn't exists & maybe there is a wordplay with "comte en plante" => "compte en banque" which means banking account ]

Shoot when there are cans there aren't kisses anymore

MC Solaar - all'n my grill

They don't know us - No[fn]Odd. The French word is "non." Interesting.[/fn] no no no nooooo (x2)
Today they talk to us about a national identity, Europe, etc...
While kids don't know any more where they are going.[fn]I could have translated this as "The youth of today know not where they gooooo." That would have captured the repeated letter in "vaaaaa." But such a translation would be entirely too stilted & florid, out of step with the overall mood of this song.[/fn]

No no no no nooooo

Soprano - They don't know us

It looks like you're on drugs
And you really need to learn to wash your hair

Overall your not a catch,
You're just a dumb ass
Bleaching your hair

Abigail Breslin - You Suck

Nayan ham ladaayenge baby-doll se
Londiyaa pataaenge miss-call se
Bat ball sey, Cinema-hall sey,
Arrey marriage-hall sey, Overall sey
Tere photo ko seeney mein yaar chipkaa loonga main Fevicol sey

Mamta Sharma - Fevicol Se

A you alone can meck mi feel calm
Mi never feel like this from mi born
But now mi si the writing clearly pon the wall
You and me a the right thing clearly overall
Loving running over like Niagara Falls

Alaine - Favorite Boy

Revives my soul
And I know
You'll choose it whole

Aminata - Love Injected

[Couplet 2: Adams Diallo]
Mr. Diallo
Your child has the abilities
Overall it means he sucks
But less than other unnamed class
To the A levels for the unemployed

Sexion d’Assaut - I have no love (Money)

If you're not that afraid of Koschei[fn]Tsar Koschei the Deathless - one of major antagonists in Slavic folklore.[/fn]
Or Barmaley[fn]A fictional character of children's books about Dr. Aybolit (inspired by Dr. Dolittle). Barmaley is a cannibal pirate operating in Africa, and is especially keen on eating little children.[/fn]or Baba Yaga[fn]An ambiguous character in Slavic mythology. Usually appears as an old witch, but sometimes can be a young beautiful woman. Usually she's an antagonist, but sometimes is the one to aid or direct the hero. Either way, she's quite creepy overall.[/fn],
Come visit us as soon as possible,
Where green oak grows on the shore[fn]Oak - in Slavic mythology represents the world tree. In Russian culture the notion of "green oak tree on the seashore" was immortalized by Pushkin's Prologue to the verse poem Ruslan and Ludmila.[/fn].

Olga Rozhdestvenskaya - Come Visit Us

People think that in Haifa everybody's lost
But the truth is - we are working
Long live the labourer in the grey overall
Here I was born and here is where I'll be done, in Heifa

David Broza - Haifa (חיפה)

From woolgathering
We woke up at last !
We want the manly
With overall intelligence and heart
You stand like a lion
And raise your head

Melek Rojhat - Who are we?

The cage and the tin to bounce all around
In surround sound devouring the scene
Subliminal gangrene paintings
Overall the same things sing songs karaoke copy madness
Break bones verbally with sticks and stone tactics
Fourth dimension, combat convention

Linkin Park - High Voltage


*I am not too sure about this phrase.
**Overall it isn't the best translation, but the general idea should be apparent.

Ivana Selakov - Let it burden your soul

I just want to take you high..
Edit the description to add:
Historical context: what album the song's on, how popular it was
An explanation of the song's overall story (example: "In this song, Kurt breaks down a day at his grandparents' house")
The song's instrumentation and sound

Mark rosas - Higher

At 16 years hope has already abandoned me
Flunked at itis at San Donato
I wanted to be a deejay at the radio
Here I put on an overall, they make me be a worker
File, lathe, oscilloscope
Here I don't learn how to program a video game

J-Ax - Like a Stone

No pain in wounds, no any aching scars-
Sterile bandages are covering them all.
And you do not feel soreness at the any parts-
Exposed no dreams, no thoughts, no issues overall.

Vladimir Vysotsky - The song of depressed man

Throw my light the books, throw the overall
Forget my light the desks and the mornings
Give me a date at night, there in the darkness

And come, come, take me in your arms
And come, come, take me in your arms

Giannoulis Mathaios & Vazaios Lefteris - Throw my light the books

And why compare to me there is nobody who’s identical
Instrumental general, Grand Hustle emerald
I’m ballin’ over here, give a fuck about your interviews
Niggas talk, hoes too, but they know I’m one of the coldest overall and general
The more I ball the more the haters run
When you fuck the game, the problems gonna come

B.o.B - Welcome To The Jungle

A man and a woman, who have been led by wrong stars
The heart of them both is coldly comfortless
They happen to be at the same long taxi line
And soon they're like old friends[fn]"Tuttava" doesn't actually mean "friend" in Finnish - it is used for people who you know by name or so, but don't know that well overall.[/fn]

And they tell their stories

Suvi Teräsniska - Two Lone Ones

but here I'll be waiting
patient for your love
Overall, the forbidden gives color
for now you will be mine and his

Trébol Clan - prohibited love

I am alone in moments
Between myself and all people there is a clear line

I am one overall
And my loneliness is big
And sometimes I tell even the story

Natan Goshen - More

I wanna be the one, I wanna be on top (Onnnnneeeee),
I wanna taste the sun, I wanna never stop (Never stop).
I wanna light the sky, overall really (Overall really),
All I want is everything (All I want is everything).

Jojo - All I Want Is Everything

The US Supreme Court is going to hear evidence in the largest sexual discrimination law sued in American history. A group of women are suing retail giant Wall Mart, saying the company has a history of promoting men over women and paying them more. Supreme concerns hopping to bring a class action law against Wall Mart on behalf of all female employees since 1988 which could represent as many as 1.6 million women. If the sue goes ahead, it could potentially cost the company billions, as well as being a public relations nightmare.

And a new study says that China could overtake the US in science in as little as two years. This is based on astonishing growth by China in the number of scientific papers published. These figures come from the Royal Society, the UK national science academy. Previous estimates had China overtaking the US after 2020. However, the report also points out that quantity does not necessarily equal quality. They say that the overall quality of public research out of China is still far behind other nations like the US and UK.

And now you know.

Victoria Sinclair - Naked News

Even when I crossed my pain's limit
I kept it only for myself
I always had a smile on my lips
Even if they stole the oil from the candle <fn> greek expression given to someone who does unrespectable things, someone who's cheap/ a bad person overall </fn>

Never have I ever done wrong

Giorgos Mazonakis - Never Ever

that the air around you has.

I have a bad habit
and overall, legal,
I enjoy the anonimity
that the darkness gives me.

Jorge Drexler - Your voyeur

I'm going to light It up
Without worry about anything else
Overall It's too late to return
It's too late to dream

La Mosca - So I won't see you anymore

Finnish man[fn]Literally "suomipoika" is "Finnish boy", but this song tells about Finnish men overall and how they have possibly changed.[/fn]kisses and hugs

This is how it goes
Like a new species was on earth
He has dropped the weight
Of evolution from his shoulders

Ressu Redford & Jussi Rainio - Finnish Man

Darkness always preflash dark
you have to fight for who you are

Overall forces and set off
Fear stopped me a
met face wrath which

Midnattsol - Motets Power

That depends on the time
They depend on everything
That depends overall
That depends on money
But dogs

Jacques Brel - Girls and Dogs

Just psyche up and fight instead!

I'm Luigi,all this bloodstain make my overall's look red!


Starbomb - SMASH!

Sounds are easily found
if you only bid them welcome.
They're wonderful, lackluster on their own
but in a bunch overall vocal and strong.
Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes soothing
Has put the child to sleep.

Letzte Instanz - My sound

Into the void I stare
The blackness overwhelmes the senses
But overall I'm feeling nothing,
you can call me senseless
I keep on going in this life because I am relentless

SickTanicK - The Abyss

Raya, please, let me be free (let me free myself), but I do have a health problem with my liver,
And don't breathe at me with your tobacco so sickeningly.
Don't you see, there's nothing left to love you with (make love to you with, i.e. he doesn't have an erection any more),
And overall, I don't even know you (I'm not familiar with you any more).

And behind the wall on the right,

Konstantin Belyaev - Raya, Let Me Be

I am a lover of myself
I am a fan of my heart in this way
It is a bit venturesome [fn]the one who listens to himself and no others[/fn]
But overall it is good
It searches for beautiful bodies everywhere
Take it easy, If its mannerless

Abhishek Nehwal - Cappuccino

He sold gold to condemned men
Castles to lost people
Overall, he had first sold
His dignity

Francis Cabrel - Dignity

How many times?
I mention her in the lyrics
Not a first time
So far away from her
It's hundredth weekend

Gosia Andrzejewicz - Come Back Already

She drove away with her car, I was covered in exhaust fumes
Teardrops like buds in my eyes, I stood upright slowly
My boss came, slapped my back, and said "forget the novels"
''You're worker, stay as worker, wear the overall''

Ali Altay - Mechanic Apprentice

Thoughts of me exemplified
All the little flaws I have denied
Forget today, forget whatever happened
Everyday I see a little more of overall deficiencies
I'm nothing short of being one complete catastrophe

Slipknot - Diluted

Of you sitting by me on the sofa, hugging
How I writhed in pain of love, I wasn't told it was so dangerous

But overall, I am ok, I met someone else
Whose shadow is you
Her smile reminds me of yours

Liran Danino - Much of You Remained Behind

I confess, it all sounds unlikely

A sweaty, paranoid palm pressed against a leathered wall
The law in all its flaws, me in an oversized overall

When crimes are passionate can love be separate?

Sondre Lerche - Bad Law

When there's a state of emergency in my head
You defuse me with your caress
And I throw the whole burden away
Overall, life is all about throwing it away

You're like a breath after a marathon

Tabb - Roof

Everyone has a mask.
Fucking Versace, Gucci -pee bag, shitty make up, heavy metal,
light spread mask.
Hug me, I'm a gentle overall.
I'm the kind of mushroom cloud,
decoration for the horizon -type daydreamer.

Pyhimys - # 1 Paranoid

But I was busy playing dodgeball with severed heads
Conducting chaos with a chrome baton
So sound the smoke alarm
Cause overall I broke your arms
And kicked your ass with loafers on
Homeboy this HK settle wars

Army of the Pharaohs - God Particle

Pasand hain hum to khud ko
Hai hum to dil ke fan is kadar
Zara sa manchala hai
Par overall bhala hai
Ke husn ko yeh doondhe darbadar
Take it easy ke badtameezi

Abhishek Nehwal - Cappuccino

Avec mon cheval ej m'installe
En d'sous des gradins comme un lapin
I guess que t'entends mes cotton balls
Mais overall ej porte bien mes coveralls
Covert mission, indecision
Ça c'est pas wrong

Radio Radio - Galope

Go on…

Turn pretty runaways, life is life that
Overall be happy to turn in other arms
That must not worry you
I was very happy

Francis Cabrel - The free turns

A girl can bring her family honor through marriage
If a suitor asked her [hand in marriage]
[and was] well-esteemed[fn]Idiomatic. Literally "a suitor who fills his clothes". When a man fills his clothes in Arabic it means he is stylish, respected and overall a decent gentleman. This idiom can only be used for men[/fn] and excellent

Girls must be

Mulan (OST) - Bring us Honor among People

Utilization of the nature
When my garden will be on sale in the stores
Then I will be flying, I am gone
Now I am winning, overall
When I am fucking, like a boss
I will always escape rapidly, in the end

N.O.E. (εnN.O.E.iται) - Greek Kush or Greek Haze?

All unwanted features build the unity of you
But I like you

You see the overall of what we are
Is it a sad, sad sight viewed from afar
Why don’t you call

iamamiwhoami - clump

If your waist line is a'surgin'
And in need of some reversion
And your overall weight dispersion's
Gettin' on the verge of perversion
I'm encouraging an excursion

Da Vinci's Notebook - Liposuction

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The fate was my way
It took me overall
Back to my life
The fate was my way

Nordman - The Fate Was My Way

And when I say I have to, I mean It and more too

Overall you'll come to me feeling sad
And when I say I have to, I mean It and more too

Somaya Darwish - Overall

My eyes grow dim at the steep turn
And several G-forces press on my heart
I am a pilot.
Overall all soaked with sweat, you can just wring it out
And who told you that it is easy to fly?
I am a pilot!

Nikolay Anisimov - I Am A Pilot

In school I had no E's
I know loads of languages*, I wanna learn yours
I bet it's sweet as honey
Funky , Jazz and overall cool
I know one thing, nothing puts us apart
And my cell phone has 5 megapixels

Letni, chamski podryw - oranzada kolezanki petardy

Here my drawings show you
How much of a strong intuition I have

So overall I say
You are welcome for what I achieved
Why the yelling? Thank you!

Moana (OST) - Welcome

Ob am Fluß oder am See -
Arbeitet er auf dem Bulldozzer.
Ganz im Overall und im Staub, -
Schaufelte ich bis zur Morgenröte,
Dachte, die Würmer sind die Trümpfe,

Vladimir Vysotsky - Lied des Pockennarbigen

It was the old fiddle
That played freshly and nicely
It could be used for many things
Overall to choke the priest

If you hear the music go

Myrkgrav - Play The Fiddle Dad

Tell me if you are ready
To hear some criticism by DAM
You say my words are childish, I say my words are like that child that screams: The king is naked”
My poetry is overall; it films the whole angles of the streets
My words will not be edited by any censorship studios my words are broadcast live
I am not dependent but an independent critic analyzer

DAM - Street Poetry

E quello che controlla il tuo edificio è un "quachiman"[fn]watchman in Perù[/fn]
E con i ragazzi del tuo quartiere esci a "hangueare"[fn]da "to hang out"[/fn]
E la rotatoria diventa "romboy"[fn]round point in Colombia[/fn]
E ti vesti con un "overol"[fn]overall - tuta da lavoro[/fn]

Perché deve essere così difficile sapere come diavolo parlare spagnolo?!

Juan Andrés y Nicolás Ospina - Quant'è difficile parlare lo spagnolo

As I pile up more unsent letters
I'm not stopping until I feel better

But overall I'm doing quite well
Things don't really hurt me anymore
If only I could have you close, just like before

Bump of Chicken - Stargazing (singable)

"My mom, she really empowered me to become special in sports," Mero said in the video. "The greatest gift my mother ever gave me was [that] she believed in me."
Mero elaborated to students on the destructive path he took in life. Although his descriptions were harrowing and controversial at times, there was an overall lesson he gained from his experience; his mom reminded him of the old saying that said "show me your friends, and I will show you your future."
"I've overdosed on drugs on three occasions where I should've been dead, but I believed I was kept here for a reason." Mero told the students. "I hung out with losers. I became the biggest loser of them all because I gave up everything I dreamt about as a little boy because of who I chose to surround myself with."
Mero added that when he was a teenager, he would be out with friends into the late-night hours, drinking alcohol and "getting high" on drugs. However, his mother would always leave the light on, which was a sign that she was awake and waiting for him to come home.

Marc Mero's - Marc Mero's Emotional Mother's Day Story

When you run, come around,
'Cause I know you're the talk of the town, yeah

Best shown overall, shiny and tall,
One touch make a gal climb whoever you are,
Brass hat, hatter than fireball,

Natasja - Calabria 2007

Und wenn der Eimer grüne Farbe nicht reicht
Steh' ich trotzdem auf dem Dach meiner Mum
Bind' mein Cape um und schrei: Ich bin besser als ihr
Auch wenn die Naht im Overall reißt
Und es nicht mehr für 'ne Haartolle reicht
Steh' ich trotzdem auf dem Dach meiner Mum

Rockstah - Superheldenanzug

He's gotta avoid doing it, he's gotta stop, we gotta take him to see a saint!
No ethics, he's getting worse, it's pathetic
He could say that his mom's dead, for a bag of potato chips!
Seems like he is an overall champion
Like he's the third brother, of Bigflo & Oli!
And when I think about it, what is the worst?

Bigflo et Oli - Liar

Et celui qui veille sur ton édifice c'est un "guachiman"[fn]coachman[/fn]
et avec les jeunes de ton quartier tu sors pour "hanguear"
Et la gloriette est un "romboy"[fn]roomboy,garçonnière[/fn]
et tu t'habilles avec un"overol"[fn]overall,un bleu de travail[/fn]

Mais que diable!Pourquoi est il si difficile de savoir parler

Juan Andrés y Nicolás Ospina - Comme il est difficile de parler espagnol

Yesterday[fn]The original line might be wrong because 'yesterday' doesn't really fit with the rest of the verse (or song overall).[/fn]
I'm feeling warm
I walk, singing,
Towards the stars

When stars

Alla Pugacheva - Star Summer

¿Y el hijo? Sus juguetes están esparcidos en el patio
como ramas después de una tormenta-una vaca de goma,
un tractor oxidado con el harado roto,
una muñeca en overall. Algo salió mal, dicen ellos.

Ted Kooser - Granja Abandonada

I glide over a birch,
to the river where they drown
I fall through an oak’s sprig
in the arms of Woman’s Death[fn]Ämmänkuolema is probably a name of a place, perhaps a river's name.[/fn][fn]'Ämmä' is a derogatory term nowadays, and it would more literally mean 'hag' or 'old woman'. I'm not sure does the song talk about old women in particular or women overall, so I simply translated it as women.[/fn]

Mild, warm weather, come,

Jonne Järvelä - Woman's Death

Would you believe it, my days, too, are
Sometimes blue, sometimes gray
But overall I feel happy

<em>J'aime, J'aime la vie</em> (But this is folly)

Sandra Kim - J'aime la vie - Amo la vita (Italian version)

Lift that noble banner high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky
Whether the odds be great or small,
Swans will go in and win overall
While her loyal sons are marching
Onwards to victory.

Australian Football League Australia - Cheer, cheer the red and the white (Sidney)

At least for a while.

The forest is felled
The overall blue,
The forest, which
The forester prayed to.

Sergey Babkin - Forest

Doubt about the love that you can feel for me.
I'll be able to upset you
You won't be able to resist.
Overall don't wait till I'll be very near to you
Because I could make you lose control
I'll be able to tempt you

Niagara - Another last kiss

Känner mig lite som Juelz Santana
Det va Augusti då, jag är tillbaka i November
Pengar över indo, Hustle over all
Mjukisdräckt på tourbuss det är min hustle overall
Minns när vi sålde 20 flaskor på en dag
Nu gör jag 20 lax på att kasta några bars

E. A. Lundquist - Jamie Oliver

The pain and the memories have disappeared, but
I want to keep the wish I want to protect, and it will become hope.

It'll become [something that will bring] hope.[fn]I have trouble undestanding what the overall meaning of "届け" is [/fn]

Tales of Symphonia (OST) - The whereabouts of my feelings

weapon, no revenge.

I am Odin, I am Odin,
I am the one who reads the poems,[fn]I think this implies that Odin (i.e singer Björgvin Sigurðsson) is the one who narrates the overall story of this album.[/fn]
Hilmar Baldursson.

Skálmöld - Odin

You hovering over my head like blanche
The erotic dreams are your tricks
It' too dangerous, too dangerous
Overall we're familiar but I'm still caught by bare hands
Like a killer technique
Calmly facing the truth related to all your movements

EXO - Chill

And for my age,
My condition is quite fine.

Overall, I'm lucky,
I've chosen an ace from the deck of cards.
I touch my head and the rest of my body

Maryla Rodowicz - All in all, it's not bad

Irgendwo dort am See
Auf dem neuen Bulldozer
Ganz im Overall und Staub -
Schuftete er bis zum Morgengrauen
Glaubte an das Trumpfherz -

Vladimir Vysotsky - "Irgendwo dort am See ..."

I feel kinda like Juelz Santana
It was August when, I am back in November
Cash over indo, hustle over all
Overall on ourbus that's my hustle overall
Remeber when we sold 20 bottles in a day
Now I make 20 grand on throwing some bars

E. A. Lundquist - Jamie Oliver

Six is a good number,
you let yourself cry.
You're disgusted about the "overall"
and with a gin you miss it

Divididos - Saturday

Friends of mine, you were, almost all,
With me drunk and pleased.
Let me covered be overall
By the tall field weeds!

Marina Tsvetayeva - Let you go on a spree, poor soul!

Your tender shoulders I recall:
They were so sensitive and bashful;
Inside a gossip, - overall
Endearment, running wild and blushful;

Alexander Blok - Remember Tenderness of Shoulders