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Píseň neznámého vojína (English translation)

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Song of Unknown soldier

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Information from press:
"Than both delegations puts wreaths
on a grave of Unknown soldier."
And what did Unknown soldier said them?
In front of crown virtuous families
and armful full of chrysanthemum, black jacket
and hero's wife, holding hand with boyfriend.
Flowers in hands and mourning riband,
standing before gate.
You can still smell odour of dancing hall
with well played pain.
Why are you gaping here?
Go somewhere! (1)
Are you thinking,
I'm waiting for all of this?
Why are you staring here?
Go home!
You're bulding monument,
please, tell me for who?
And once upon a time men comes and kneel.
It's a blunder, when with perfect face expression,
tries to cry.
Than they gets up and music starts to play,
terrible song and one more time
they pathetically glup abow grave with lantern.
Why are you gaping here?
Trying to cry?
Are you thinking,
that I wanted to die?
We're sick of all the prominence,
why are they coming here?
Screw your flags!
I wanted priest!
I'm feeling great,
when cats on my grave
tries to atempt it's kind (2)
which with those
whose killing each other
has nothing in common.
Miaow - ing high and never begs,
don't serve to heroes, no wreaths
bears on grave of Unknown soldiers.
How much do they pay you for this idea?
Rather go back to your whores!
What are you telling to me?
I would go again?
Are you waiting for answer? Fuck you!
Yeah fuck you!
Submitted by MentiriMentiri on Mon, 04/01/2016 - 18:23
Author's comments:

(1) "Běžte mi někam" means something like go f*** yourself, so... Teeth smile
(2) I don't know it's something like flirt with another genre but in cat's way Teeth smile


Píseň neznámého vojína

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