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Leg Disstrack lyrics

  • Artist: Packgod (Packgod) Featuring artist: penguinz0

Leg Disstrack

[Intro: Penguinz0]
And I feel bad for Packgod because he lost all of his channels to Leg
Leg and his friends just didn't like Packgod
And then cut him out without telling him anything
Which is obviously fucked up and made Packgod mad
They also called him a pedophile for no reason in a discord call for something
And it really just seems like they both hate each other
But Packgod didn't see it coming, meanwhile Leg was planning on cutting him for a while
I think it is fucked up what happened to Packgod though
[Intro: Packgod]
Open your mouth
[Verse 1: Packgod]
I guess that this bitch want the smoke
I'm inhaling his pack, yeah, that's why they done gave me this name
Goddamn, this clout shit is no joke
Yeah just look at this weasel and look at what he did for the fame
Bitch your YouTube gon' die in a month 'cause you ain't really bout that shit, me and you was never the same
I carried two channels to 100k on my back and lil' bitch, I'll just do it again
Yeah, this bitch made an hour of videos talking on me but I already proved they all cap
Worked my ass every mo'fucking day for the shit that I had and then you went and stole it like that
And this bitch really changed all the passwords, I'll see you in court and I'll laugh when I get it all back
Now everywhere I go, you're running, you a little fuckin' RAT
But I still got your ass locked up right in my sight, call you Pop with no smoke, you a thief in the night
You've been leaching off all of the work that I've done for these channels for the last 3 years of my life
Had a contract that legally made me an owner, I guess you forgot that you mo'fucking signed
And I'd tell you to make a diss back but I know that you can't 'cause I'm no longer there to help write
This a violation for this ugly shakein
Greedy money scrapin', dirty back stabbin'
Fucking channel snaggin', always lying, cappin'
Filthy fucking rat and dirty edit thieving
Stupid email leakin', falsely moral preachin'
Steady talent leachin', fucking clout suckin'
Conversation duckin', busy vape puffin'
Never proving nothing, little leach
[Transition: Packgod]
Huh, bitch really named himself Leg? (Why?)
Cause now he be seeing the feet
Fuck around, you're gettin' blazed on this beat
Those 35 diss tracks were all wrote by me (Ha)
[Verse 2: Packgod]
That's right bitch, stuck in my shadow, you needed that light switch
Fuck out my face, I'm done looking at you and that clout sucker Hawns, keep riding Leg's pipe, bitch
Stop making fucking excuses for being a thieving lil' rat when you scammed for those edits
How you gon' barely do work, getting high everyday then come back and start asking for credit
Soon all your shit's gonna die, for the rest of your life, I know good that your ass gon' regret it
Bitch don't forget I made your career and how just as easily I can mo'fucking end it (Yah yah yah)
I get to packing, I'm rippin' him, rappin'
How you think you won, man it's funny, I'm laughin'
Yes-men on your dick, they stay tappin' your back end
This bitch took my 50 like Thanos, I'm snappin'
I'm back and I'm with it, Pack's blazin', you burnin'
I thought you my friend so that shit really hurtin'
At least, now I know you're a horrible person
Fuck you and those channels, I'm never returnin', lil' bitch
Submitted by Вујадин ВасовићВујадин Васовић on 2022-09-27


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