Падай (Paday) (English translation)

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Fall down

Love is blind, and person who loves is blind, too,
Smiling, you stand at the edge of the abyss.
Just one step - and love will get you killed,
It will take your hand, and you will fly
Somewhere down
Somewhere down
Somewhere down
Somewhere down
Come down, come down, come down oblivious,
Everything is left behind,
Come down, come down, never think about
What was in the dim and distant past.
Love is like a night, who will make you lose your way,
And you are not in hurry to return back.
Love is like a dream - nobody will wake you up,
You will close your eyes and fly at once
Somewhere down | (4)
Love is like a snow - it will overwhelm you silently,
It will put your heart into cold fluff.
Love is like a smoke, you take a deep breath of it,
And if you can - do not breathe it out.
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Падай (Paday)

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