Mia Martini - Padre davvero (English translation)

English translation

Really, father

Now that I've got in trouble
and let your hopes down,
you come running -- they told me about it --
to spit your judgments in my face.
Father, do you really want to know it?
You'll do me a favor if you don't come!
First off, you had given me
a lot of advice for my own good;
there's the door, it's time to go
with your sacred blessing.
Really, father, it would be nice
to see your crocodile tears fall!
Sure, your father gave you less,
just two kicks in your back
and you'd sleep in the hay with my mother
even in April, when she was pregnant with me.
Really, father, it would be swell
to hear your lover's opinion!
Then I came, and you didn't want me,
I was just one more mouth to feed;
I didn't grow up like you had hoped,
as it was my duty to do...
Really, father, what have you given me?
But going on would mean wasting my breath!
Everyone knows that I'm your daughter:
tomorrow the newspapers with my picture on them
will all tease you so much...
Ah, if you just had never fathered me!
Really, father, are we supposed to be similar?
Are you sure I am your daughter?
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Padre davvero

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