Ignacio Copani - Padre (English translation)

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When I was five, I can swear it,
I saw him flying like Superman,
defeating the bad guys, scaring the fear
of my nightmares
with her Lois who looked like mom.
When I was thirteen I started to fail him,
I couldn't play in the midfield
and that high school was serious,
I must swallow a thousand assignatures,
It's necessary, my dad said.
For not being a skillful ignorant
as I always was for being son of immigrants,
I leave you my sweat here,
make it energy and an engine to take you
to where dad never reached.
When I was twenty they saw me screaming:
what is that weird geezer going to teach me
and this maze of the twentyfive
I can cross it alone
in a bounce without dad's help.
And now that many more years passed,
more than thirty I must confess
and I confess I took many years,
so much to find out
that the reason was right there.
I want to be the hundredth part,
just a piece of what my father was,
I want to get on his illusion
and from there to apologize
and not asking anything else
if he already gave me the rest.
I want to see my father's grandson
knowing more than what I can teach him,
I leave him this song
half of peace, half of horror
and to sing it where dad never reached.
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