pain in the ass

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pain in the ass (English) — baş belası

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Finnishpiikki lihassa

"pain in the ass" in lyrics

And if she infects you with a virus
all it takes is Norton
all this surfing<fn>in italian "surfing the web" is "sailing the web"</fn> without ever finding an harbour
all this pain in the ass to take pictures of a sunset
and eventually on the screen you can't see how deep it is

J-Ax & Fedez - I'd like to but I won't/post

Don't cry don't scream he is by your side.

With your gestures, postures, a different point of view
You're a white crow, a freak, to them you're a pain in the ass
White dress with red polka dots,
And the day is so long, like a bad dream, the day is

Quest Pistols Show - He Is By Your Side

Catalans, the time of our Spring has come[fn]this is a verse of catalonia's national anthem <a href=" segadors</a>[/fn]
please don't bother to call me
please don't come after me
what a pain in the ass
please take it easy
we can go out for a drink

Mali Vanili - Spain, my darling, this thing of us is not working

asking the heart:
"Who knows who you are"
why this lie,
which is a pain in the ass,
locked up in my mind
and doesn't go away.

Spagna - If it were true love

I trust you’ll understand the reference to
Another Scottish tragedy without my having to name the play
They think me Macbeth, and ambition is my folly
I’m a polymath, a pain in the ass, a massive pain
Madison is Banquo, Jefferson’s Macduff
And Birnam Wood is Congress on its way to Dunsinane

Hamilton (musical) - Take A Break

I want to win, this world is a game

Being told "do this" or "do that"
The nitpicking is a pain in the ass
There's no point to doing things like you're told
I always want to get my brain working

REOL - This World: Loading...

I think he doesn't get what I'm sayin', shit will start all over again
I think you're sweet like candy, and I go crazy when you kiss me
But that isn't a good enough reason for me, Russian Roulette is unhealthy
You's a pain in the ass, and you don't know shit about AIDS

For now if you penis don't have no rubber

Tic Tac Toe - Kiss my A, B, C

between the other red alerts, I always felt a
bit awkward
To accept myself it took alot (of time), many are the times where I didn't like myself
I still remember it at High School, I was a pain in the ass for half of the people (at school)
Come on, I know you know me, the other people are the ones in depression
I'm the one who seize the moment

Fabri Fibra - My life

She's loves to give advice
And any little thing sets her off
She just walks every morning
With a group of woman who are a pain in the ass
When she's sleeping she snores so loud
That it sounds like a thunderstorm

Bezerra da Silva - My Mother In Law Looks Like a Dyke

A LINE groupie into Village Vangard, niche bands, and a crazed laugh
Just the same as the other city kids swimming in toys

Ah, I’m being such a pain in the ass
Can the black rainbow on the other side of this town’s sky be seen?
I’m becoming so bored I’m going to die

Galileo Galilei - The Banana Fish and Beach and Black Rainbow

Yeah, I'm hiding things from you,
you would suffer if you knew,
and still it's a pain in the ass being unable to share
Slamming a good fact into your face,
that would do me some good,

Sexy Sushi - Nice tomb

『ONE WAY!!!』


YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz - Ren'ai DRIVER~Foo-san no uta~ [.jp] (恋愛DRIVER~Fooさんの歌~ [.jp])

Even though I can’t see the destination, this love… the road this love leads to
“ONE WAY!!!”
Don’t stop, SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS!!


YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz - Passion Driver~Foo-san's song~ [.jp]

On you and your fading heart
I know that man never thought that it could happen
Got my shit on and then I hoped in the Aspen
Every chick I cash in, bigger pain in the ass and
Better new freak, she thicker then the last one
Naw I ain't never homie, music is my passion

Timbaland - Symphony

Even if no one&#039;s gonna pay me for it
I&#039;ll do it and it&#039;ll set me free

I&#039;m a little girl and it&#039;s a pain in the ass
To hang aimlessly around the dark corners

KuBa - I'll Do Anything

But the worst human beings are cruel losers
Don't pick on the weak, keep the jokes in a corner of your head
It'll fit into a text, a movie or a sketch
School's a pain in the ass, not much you can do about it
Stopping means leaving too soon for another misery
Throw your school bag in the air, you'll have the weight of society on your shoulders,

Orelsan - Notes for Too Late

Whatever happened to fair dealing
And pure ethics
And nice manners?
Why is it everyone now is a pain in the Ass?
Whatever happened to class?

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Class

Bumping into them?
Bin Laden can come
To kidnap me, it's cool, it's nule
For all in country won't give a damn (lit. everyone in the country will have a pain in the ass)
We want money full, we don't rob banks, that's movies
We trick people and it's still working

Puya - Somewhere in the Balkans

Me and you are pain in the ass[fn]Literally – thorn in the eye[/fn]to others with our love
We made “sinless” before God to feel ashamed again.
They pretended that they don’t see me[fn]Literally – they were blind for me[/fn] when I was unhappy
But now when I’m with you they started byte me again.


Tania Boeva - Excuse us that we are happy

You are so boring!
You are a pain in the ass!
Shut the fuck up!

Blumio - Let's talk about sharks

Gypsy, I'm a gypsy, -psy

Show-off - I'm holding our flag high for us
Even though people say: "These boys are a real pain in the ass!"
Brother's coughing, sister's in jail because they hate us
But we got to be better than that

Sido - Psy

But you don't really know, ya know?
It's like love, some people get it
For some it's just a glove that just never fitted
For me it's just a pain in the ass
But i'm addicted to the taste of hopin' it could last

Limp Bizkit - Lonely World

Slow, slow, slow nervous breakdown
It stinks, it creaks, evaporation
Slow, slow, slow nervous breakdown
Stale wine, dried fruits and bothers[fn]"bonbons" is an euphemism for testicles, so "casse-bonbon" is basically a more acceptable phrasing of "a pain in the ass". Now in this sentence, after "dried fruits" one might expect "casse-noix" (nutcracker, what you often find in a fruit bowl), which might also be used in the same acceptance as "casse-bonbon". It feels like the author is letting the (watchful) listener know he resisted the urge to do a cheap pun here. Pretty neat, in my opinion[/fn]

When will I know how to feel[fn]the French is also pretty precise and somewhat convoluted[/fn] the might and wisdom,

Arne Vinzon - Slow nervous breakdown

stop saying "hyper"-you can't shut up
stop saying "blast"-you can't shut up
you're a pain in the ass -you can't shut up

you can't shut up [x4]

Anal Cunt - You Can't Shut Up

Yo, I run New York!
It's a pain in the ass!
The city's crowded as fuck,
And it's covered in trash!

The Lonely Island - I run NY

I am nothing but a romantic
In the heart a stranger and pale
I am nothing but a pain in the ass
It's nothing, I love you

L (Raphaële Lannadère) - Mescaline*

The corks from Dom Perignon can't reach my ceiling
Four maids with four grenades
When the sun's in my face, all I do is lower the walls for shade
The pool's a pain in the ass, fifty grand on Windex kid
They keep it clean the whole bottom is glass
So you can see the sharks and piranhas, a pair of pajamas

Ghostface Killah - We Celebrate

Come on, make an effort, surprise me
If you fail no more Fifa
You're a pain in the ass

iPantellas - The Forgiveness

I'm so sexy, I'm so fancy
Too fancy for you

Don't be a pain in the ass
It makes me like you less and less

piSo - So Sexy So Fancy

Your ass has turned rancid.
You always want what you don't have and when you get it, it's not enough.
Gosh! You're a pain in the ass
...and believe that I am worse than you.

Mademoiselle K - (Caught between two chairs)

For you, I'm willing
to live in Saint-Germain-en-Laye[fn]A posh suburb of Paris[/fn],
read Marx in Latin,
hang out with Julien Courbet[fn]A dull pain in the ass of a <a href=>newsreader</a>[/fn]LINEENDH...

If you fancy it,

Clarika - Don't ask me that

Let him run with a trumped-up fable,
'cause he always will circle back.
Sometimes he's like a tank full of laughing gas,
sometimes he's like a pain in the ass.

But there is magic in the man, foolish magic in the man.

Big Fish (Musical) - Magic In The Man (Bonus Track)

All I needed was someone to co-sign, been a (Doctor's)
Assault rifle with the sniper scope for this whole time
Day one, set with the blasters, give me the orders, I spray uh
Pain in the ass and get shot in the ass with a paint gun
Ain't no one safe from, non-believers there ain't none
I even make the bitches I rape cum

Dr. Dre - medicine man

[Verse 1]
Gun, gun on the floor they'll say I'm a pain in the ass
You have very little interest like a handball fall
I came here to hide the sun like a million of archers

Django DKZ - Flex

I was happy again, complete
People sometimes tell me
I should get it permanently attached but I don't know
Even though sometimes it's a pain in the ass
I like having a detachable penis

King Missile - Detachable Penis

She's just a psychopath
A girl death casts
A pain in the ass

She's all around, every minute of the day

Agonoize - Psychopath

Mine goes one better than them all,
she belongs to all three categories at once,
a true prodigy:
a bother, a damn nuisance and a supreme pain in the ass too.
She overtakes, she outshines, she surpasses everything
She pisses me off, I tell you.

Georges Brassens - Misogyny notwithstanding

Kryjivka is like X-ray
Scans every gene.
And determines who you are at once.
If you're traitor or hero, or just the pain in the ass
Is what you're looking for your back.
The identification of the treat to the nation

Ot Vinta - 17 muscovites

Why do you laugh?
why do you sing?
and then why are you a pain in the ass?
I don't know

RIDSA - Why?

But we promised to stay with each other
Til the day we die
No matter if we get fat
If we're a pain in the ass
We will master the art of tolerating ourselves

Descartes a Kant - Until the Day We Die

Crashed the car, lost the job I'm dirty smelly total slob
Lots of sex, little love, stimulation no satisfaction
Life is hard, life is stress, life is such a pain in the ass
Saturday night and I'm not dressed, how can I go on

Youth Brigade - I Hate My Life

"War" is a word of the feminine gender
But they are males who go to the war
And death is also of a broad's kinship
But wedding her is but pain in the ass
But she did betroth you with a lead ring
And like a hostess trimmed with dirt

Alla Pugacheva - War

tatoe kono koi no… koiji no yukisaki ga, nanimo mienakutemo
“ONE WAY!!!”
tomaru na, SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS!!

ren’ai DRIVER

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz - Ren'ai DRIVER~Foo-san no uta~ [.jp]

No, it isn't

God, you're a pain in the ass


Falsettos (Musical) - A Day in Falsettoland/Racquetball

We can both laugh, but it is no joke
The nice thing about it all, you are also my bestie, you were also my bother, you were also my dad.
I caused a lot of turmoil in class
Was a pain in the ass to a lot of people
There is no one like you who gets me
There is no one like you who gets me

Josylvio - Mother