Chavela Vargas - Paloma negra (English translation)

English translation

black dove

I'm tired of crying with no hope
I don't know whether to curse you or pray for you
I'm afraid to look for you and find you
Where my friends assured me you go
There are times when I'd like to die
And release myself from this suffering
But my eyes will die without seeing yours
And at dawn my love will be waiting for you again
As for you, you are partying
Black dove, black dove, where are you?
You shouldn't play with my pride
Since your affection should have been mine and no one else's.
And even though I love you madly, don't come back
I want to be free, live my life with someone I love
God give me strength because I'm dying to go look for him
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Paloma negra

Dink mtz    Sat, 06/02/2016 - 03:08

Rancheras are typically men songs about women. Traditionally, even if it's a woman singing it, the genders in the song never change. So it's not " estoy muriendo por irlo a buscar." It's "...irla buscar." The argument can be made that this is especially true with Chavela Vargas' songs since she was openly gay.