Pandora's box

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Pandora's box (English) — An artifact in Greek mythology. The term is used to describe process that generates many complicated problems as the result of unwise interference in something

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Translations of "Pandora's box"

DutchDoos van Pandora
FrenchBoîte de Pandore
GermanBüchse der Pandora (öffnen)
ItalianVaso di Pandora
RussianЯщик Пандоры
SpanishCaja de Pandora

"Pandora's box" in lyrics

I'm passing through, there's no reason to panic
The Shin Sekaï: you know
Dadju, Meugui, now you want again
As desired as this f~~king pandora's box

[Maître Gims & Dadju]

Maître Gims - It goes well

she told me that she was alone
I call her insatiable because in bed she devours me
till the mind controls me, more than 24 hours
you don't know what awaits you there's a surprise in the pandora's box

no no no no no nothing whatever you do is going to help you

Daddy Yankee - the heart breaker

Reduced to mere tools in the struggle for rights
The ideology of mutual understanding gives way to war.

Even if not even hope is left inside Pandora's Box
Held by children who crowd the streets
Prometheus, you who chose this world,

Last Alliance - Prometheus

So Gorby started perestroika[fn][/fn] upon them
Confunding bureaucratic strategems
But we have to face the cold facts;
He also opened up Pandora's box
Yes, people power is just a shower every hour
And everybody claims they're democratic

Linton Kwesi Johnson - My Revolutionary Friend

I can’t stand to see the slaughter
but still I eat the meat
I can’t stand dishonest people
but still sometimes I cheat
I can’t stand that air pollution

Tower of Power - Can't Stand To See The Slaughter

Please let me paint a mental picture portrait
Something you won't forget, it's all about my forehead
And how it is a door that holds back contents
That make Pandora's box's contents look non-violent

Behind my eyelids are islands of violence

twenty one pilots - Migraine

K dot, pick up the phone, nigga. Every time I call, it's going to voice mail. Don't tell me they got you on some weirdo rap shit, nigga. No socks and skinny jeans and shit. Call me on Shaniqua's phone

I been A-1 since day one, you niggas boo boo
Your home boy, your block that you're from, boo boo

Kendrick Lamar - Hood Politics

Pass the parcel, wrap unwrap
And open up the locks
Out come flying all the secrets
Of Pandora's Box

Oh you think I'm unfit

Marina and The Diamonds - The Family Jewels

While his generation digests high fibre ignorance
Cowering behind curtains and the taped up painted windows
Decriminalised genocide, provided door to door Belsens
Pandora's box of holocausts gracefully cruising satellite infested heavens
Waiting, wait, wait, waiting, the season of the button, the penultimate migration
Radioactive perfumes, for the fashionably, for the terminally insane, insane

Marillion - Fugazi

1981 when blind man jumped from a plane
Flipped out 2007
And managed from aurora, fool hatched
From bottom of Pandora's box finally found it

What would God think of?

Julma-Henri & Syrjäytyneet - 8

You'd waken your wild side
'Cause you were like a beauty queen
Who'd have thought
Your Pandora's box was me

[Repeat Chorus 1]

Ricky Martin - Saint Tropez

Blinded heart and hopes drop dead
Memories covered by flowers in the grace under your bed

Pandora's box about to explode
You are running in circles
Your mask of joy is about to fade away

Krampus - Butterflies On Fire

How can we reaching the ecstasy see that
the mind, peace and love come back to us again?

Close Pandora's box
Leave the hope on it's bottom
Take blinders of your eyes

Louna - Pandora's box

The past is a Pandora's Box
And truth is just a paradox
Like promising to never lie
Let sleeping dogs and lovers lie
You say our love is immortal
Like the blood of a sea turtle

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger - Shroedinger's Cat

Pandora's Box
You wanna know the secret
Hoping sheʼll release it
What you' wantinʼ ..
Tell her what you needed
You can taste it

Gérald de Palmas - Pandora's Box

Everything under the sun must be for someone
And everyone living under a gun must be

And don't fuck with Pandora's Box
or don't make it so obvious
Do as you would be done by

Leatherface - Pandora's Box

You're haunting me all day, all night
This is my lullaby now
My life's in jeopardy
I opened Pandora's box *and all evils came into
But there was a small hope that still keeps me alive
There's no therapy for this kind of pain

Mary M - Illusions

What is good?

We didn't care who called the shots
And who obeyed Who opened up pandora's box
we feared It's like an empty feel to fill
Your heart will always want to forgive

Minimal Compact - Ghosts can't run away

(Oh, Oh, Oh Oh)
(La, La)
(Oh, Oh, Oh Oh)

Daddy Yankee - The Heart Breaker

And, without vaudeville misunderstandings
Or red alerts in heart,
The storm god would open
Pandora's box so there were thunder,
Because Heaven would
Caress the ground

Joaquin Sabina - The Rock and Roll of Fools

Hey ey
Hey hey ye ye
My heart still wants more
But that sunlight is setting
I wanna tell you more about my honest feelings
I wanna get closer to you

Red Velvet - Campfire

My companion doesn't say a thing when she calmly takes me in her hand
Through war and peace, love and death, until I finally drop dead

Inside Pandora's box, looking for answers
I rarely find what I'm searching for, often what I have
My companion doesn't say a thing when she calmly takes me in her hand

Sylvester Larsen - Pandora's Box

I shoot you an icy glare.
My smile oozes with ecstasy,
and I look down on you with contempt
piercing your chest to my pleasure as your consciousness grows dim.

My overflowing intelligence knows no end.

Motoki Zakuro - Intellectual Rapist ver-C

Give me some of what gives me
Butterflies in my stomach, teach me a little about all the products
Making my heart beat at double speed all day long, yeah
I know very well I opened Pandora's box
And this is the end of us

Joey Moe - The Only One

I feel Sparks
It’s just me
Cause baby I just got this feeling
This is our fantasy, Come to me, Follow me
Something is shaking in my heart Hush, Breathtakingly

LOONA (South Korea) - Eclipse

It feel like

I might just have to open
Pandora's box and closing
Might have to slay a couple dragons on the way
For this test I was chosen, noble steed golden

Glenn Travis - Virtual Reality