Panem et circenses

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Meanings of "Panem et circenses"


Kruha i igara.

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Bread and circuses - sustenance and entertainment provided by government to appease public discontent.

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"Panem et circenses" in lyrics

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Unplug the Power

of a freak circus composed of people,
following the reasoning that we learned from the Latins
- that bread and shows turn us into little lambs,[fn]<a href=""><em>panem et circenses</em></a> {bread and circus} = people will keep quiet as long as they have food and entertainment.[/fn]
mild, passive, harmless,

Frankie HI-NRG MC - Disconnetti il potere

d’un circo di fenomeni formato dalla gente,
secondo quella logica appresa dai latini
che il pane e gli spettacoli ci rendono agnellini,[fn]<a href=""><em>panem et circenses</em></a> {pane e giochi circensi} = la gente se ne sta zitta e buona, basta dargli cibo e divertimento.[/fn]
miti, passivi, inoffensivi,

Đorđe Balašević - Rock bottom

Rock bottom.
Bread and auditions[fn]A parody on <i>Panem et circenses</i>, Latin for Bread and circuses[/fn].
Rock bottom.