Pantallonat e Internimit (English translation)


Pantallonat e Internimit

Pantallonat e mia
të mbytura në andre,
i lante Burbi,
pa mundur t'ua hiqte dot vuajtjen.
Pantallonat e mia si dite te shngjyrosura,
varur tek dere e kooperativës,
ne gozhden e dryshkur të internimit.
Era së largu m'i përkund ne kujtesë
fytyrë e pashlyer e mjerimit.
Submitted by Anthony Weir on Fri, 14/09/2018 - 13:15
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English translation

The Trousers of Internment

My pants
covered in patches,
were rinsed by my wife -
but the suffering wouldn't wash out.
Like faded days
my pants hung on the Collective's door
from the rusty nail of Internment.
And the wind brought me from far-off the memory
of the unerasable face of poverty.
Submitted by Anthony Weir on Fri, 14/09/2018 - 13:15
Author's comments:

Dalan Luzaj, born 1944, was one of the most popular of the gifted and imprisoned Albanian poets, notable for his short and spirited poems. He has, of course, not been translated into English: to Anglophones, Albania might as well be the dark side of the moon. More of his snappy verse can be seen on my website.

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