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Oh Baby
Can't you see any further than the end of your nose?
I'm standing here like ages hitting on you
Wake up!
Oh Baby
Sometimes I think you're really kidding me
Or you're making things this hard just to get my attention
Or either you don't want to come near, afraid that I'd blow you off
As time goes by, I'm left here hitting on you
But don't take it too long, your time is running out
In a few minutes or so, I'm walking and you'll be standing here
Sucking your thumb, with a fool's look on your face
That'll be your fault for being such a chicken hearted
I'm dying for a kiss, will you or will you not take a chance?
You don't come because you don't want it,
Are you afraid of girls?
Come on, give it to me
A kiss
A kiss to give me goose bumps
A passionate kiss with the taste of chocolate
A kiss
My love, come on give me a kiss
A cherry-taste, body to body, wild kiss
Give me, give me
Give me, give me
Just one tasty little kiss to give me goose bumps
Give me, give me
Give me, give me
A body to body, deep long breathtaking kiss
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Author's comments:

Azarar = (Azar=lit. chance) to hit on someone, to take a chance on someone.
Estar de gozação = to fool aroud, to kid, to joke
Botar banca = to impose rules, to play the tough guy, to make it difficult for s.o to do smth.
Chegar (junto) = to come near and hit on someone
Sangue de barata = (lit. cockroach blood) weak, cowardly. You must know that cockroaches don't possess any fluid similar to blood in their bodies

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