True Belief lyrics


True Belief

Wretched will, host of pleasure surreal
Closed the room where the last is buried
Rise or fall at your master's request
You're unable to accept redemption
I don't know about a true belief here
With the 'lost' it's the same as always
All I want is the same, a true belief
You can't wait to become a memory
With the 'weak' it's the same as always
Stand confused lack of comprehension,
Re-aroused by a thought of madness
And I know that the truth is always right
But it's time to search for lies
You're the only I try to save
But the blood spills from your veins
Call counting time till the end
Death's wicked smile never fails
The curse is cast, you've lost the past
Forevermore, a candle burns here no more
I don't know about a century life
When the love of generations die
I can see no good in taking your own life
When any moment death calls...
All I want is the same, A true belief
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