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Tell me about him

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Tell me about him
You know him so well
He's everything to me
Oh, I'm begging you
Don't hide me a thing
What is he doing there
Is he bored without me
Does he have friends
Tell me about him
Tell me those words
Those words he said
Tell me why
He doens't write me anymore
I do not understand
I understand no more
He troubles me so (or: He hurts me so)
Tell me about him
When you saw him
Yesterday in the street
Did he have someone
Someone by his arm
Look at me
And answer me
You don't say a thing
So tell me
Whether she's beautiful
More beautiful than me
And he, in his eyes
Did you see him happy
Oh I'm begging you
Even though it's hard for me
Tell me about him
Tell me about him
Oh tell me
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Parlez-moi de lui

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