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No time to live

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There are times when
Shades vanish ;
Pain stops.
There are times when,
While the being is invincible, 1
Leprosy bows down
But if could have noticed that I one day
Will be the one you haunt ;
That I would need your breath
So as to defeat doubt ;
So as to imprison my solitude.
There are times when
Notes leave ;
Tears disappear.
There are times when,
While the moon is like so wan,
The being is monastic 2
But I rove like a light
Turned off by the wind.
My nights are with no eyelids anymore
So as to ease one by one
My fears of being only one person.
I have no time to live
When my balance flies away
I have no time to live
Love me, get into me
Tell me the words making one delirious
Tell me that the night disguises
See, I am as the sea
Drawing back after being
Unable to find your track
There are times when
My thoughts are like so weak ;
A marble with no veins.
There are times when
We no longer belong to the Earth
A mere shadow of our former self 3
Tell me which key I need
So as to come across your star.
I would need your hand
So as to ease one by one
My fears of being only one person.
  • 1. "S'invincibler" is a neologism
  • 2. "Se monacaler" is a neologism
  • 3. "L'ombre de son ombre" is an expression meaning that we no longer recognise ourselves, that we are different.
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Pas le temps de vivre

AvidreaderAvidreader    Tue, 05/04/2016 - 00:09

Hi bro, there is a little typing error at this exact line:
"Tu vois je suis comme la mer" ==> "You see I am like the see."
the typing error is " the see", it should be "the sea"... And I guess you
know why !

GeheiligtGeheiligt    Tue, 05/04/2016 - 13:19

Indeed. Thank you for the report.

AvidreaderAvidreader    Tue, 05/04/2016 - 16:23

you're welcome ... Anytime !

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