Pas le temps (Prison Break) (English translation)

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No time (Prison Break)

With each choice, we bet against fate
No choice, let's go
Tell them I don't have time
We're making plans to get out of this, listen
I have no time
My mind is slipping away
With each night that pursues us
The shadow brushes against our dreams and
The struggle keeps me awake, so I go for it and
My sky is open and my feet rooted too deeply
The road ahead is long and too many crossroads make me hesitate
My time allotted, my mind slipping away
Carried by the wind, my chances in search of listeners
In the dust, there's an echo
And who could believe in it but me behind these bars?
I have no time
My mind is slipping away
I have no time
For the worst, the best
As far as the light seems to be extinguished
Only a spark deep inside of me can reach it
In the end, if people feel where the limits are, well
My goal as a free man dictates my course of action
The die is cast, nothing is certain yet
Even fate holds its breath, trapped in an hourglass
I have decided not to be a prisoner
I have only my life to offer if I ever fail
No choice, let's go
Even if on my horizon all the faces seem too resigned
I must reach my goal, quietly, without saying farewell
I broke my fears, and for my sentence, tell them
Listen (listen, listen)
Yeah, every choice is a bet against fate
Yeah, and if all bets are off, there will be no remorse
Hey, let the wheel turn, I'm learning how to live
Yeah, how to be free, how to keep my mind clear
Yeah, no, I got nothing to lose
I'm setting my rules in my world
Oh, and with every breath of air - WHAT?
I act as if it was my last
There will be no future redemption
Willpower is the key to success
If I must excel, give it my all, take what I can
If the world is mine, don't stay in my way
And if fate's against me, well, too bad
We're making plans to get out of this, listen
No choice, let's go
(chorus x2)
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Pas le temps (Prison Break)

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