I Woks - Passe-temps (English translation)

English translation


I began, my day trying to wake myself up
The earliest possible to the auroras that will begin
To see the Sun, its glow, Mother Nature awaken
Unforgettable moment, impossible to erase
I began my day by waking up [with difficulty] late
He is an early riser and I am a late sleeper
I feel the painful effects out of habit of my evening insomnia
I can kiss my morning goodbye
Living in harmony, remaining stunned by the day's beauty
To feel the excitement everywhere in the city every intersection
Everyone is on the go I hasten to busy myself
In an impulsive manner I find myself busy
I tend to daydream too often and let the minutes pass by
Whenever they turn into hours I am overwhelmed
Days become months and months years
Time panics, it's the minutes that pass by
It's the days that go by, it's humanity in peril
Messengers of modern times, we must act faster
Let us not lose time come we invite you to
Reach out to our world and share our lives
In less than a second use that as therapy
You will always know it appreciate these moments
Or from time to time it's more pleasurable evidently
Orally I need to apply myself totally tirelessly
for in the end years go by inexorably
I did not realize it, I used to laze about badly
I made an oral promise I give everything musically
I fight with myself regularly
Aggressively, progressively advancing
It's my motivation against my laziness, which returns without slack
Harassment every moment there inexorably
Time panics, it's the minutes that pass by
It's the years that go by, don't be still
That will pass faster and faster, it's hard to control everything
This time allotted to us must be used
To find your place, place your pawns on the chessboard
Failure on certain projects, anticipate the future and bounce back
Several steps in my life means several courses to cover
You only live once, the desire to invest
Get involved in a life of one's own choosing
Don't regret anything once you've grabbed your chance
I am Confucianist and arouse jealousy, without end
I explain it to you in verse
If my life were to be written on a timeline
An uncommon life story marked by some symbolic dates
Principle of action, veritable, I have the skills and I apply it
I at least have left my imprint on a genealogical tree
In this space-time, you will at once understand everything about acceleration, it is now time to confide
Take your time, but not too much
Take the time to think hard about the finality of your projects, be a conqueror
Remain humble and be of good conduct, assume responsibility for everything you do
In all your acts and their effects
It's the stages that happen one after another, you go faster at last you let go, it's necessary to find the right course
Spread it all far and wide and be proud
This is the moment when the life that you write remains honest
Time passes by so fast beyond the limits it's necessary that I determine the losses of time, determine the goals that live within me
I hurry
Even the precipices I avoid them, I levitate on an hysterical crowd, I have to solicit
Don't hesitate a moment
I invite myself to the party and I put you in orbit
I take the trunk and unpack what hurts me, I unpack the problems at this stall
I reveal myself, I reveal my devilish ego
I start singing on this instrument, the musical replaces the medical
And when I start feeling comfortable singing it's time that stands still
And it's just a stopover
It's time that passes by, the memories accumulate
It's up to us to forge our life experience
Shut off but that bothers me, it's up to you now, tame time, do not be afraid when it goes after you
It's time that passes by, as a pastime
Wohoho, Woho
Hïahihého, Hïahiahého
Wohoho, Woho !
It's the stories that we collect, it's the flashes that crackle, it's up to
us to forget and write our story
It's the personal word, equal to your conduct
You need to tame valid time, did you understand?
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DanielZ    Tue, 27/03/2018 - 22:07

Most welcome, Radu. Regular smile

petit élève    Tue, 27/03/2018 - 22:23

As I said in the request page, these lyrics are genuinely inconsistent. You rendered them in a very literal way, which is possibly the best choice since producing a consistent English would require wild interpretations.
However, there are puns and amusing atypical uses of idiomatic expressions spread across the song that you really have to render, but trying to explain them all would require a huge wall of text.

Just a sampler of the problem:

émerger -> wake up (with difficulty)

A l'heure où il se lève tôt -> "il" stands for the Sun (it). That makes it sound like the Sun was the neighbour across the landing Regular smile

J'accuse ce faux rythme -> pun on "accuser" (I blame / I feel the (painful) effects of)

c'est sur ma matinée que je peux m'asseoir -> "I can kiss my morning goodbye" ("s'asseoir sur" is idiomatic)
"it's on my morning I can sit" makes it sound like he could sit on the morning instead of sitting on his bed.

DanielZ    Wed, 28/03/2018 - 00:54

Much appreciated! I've just now for the first time learned the colorful idioms sprinkled throughout the song. Changes incorporated and again thank you!

- Daniel

petit élève    Wed, 28/03/2018 - 00:48

No problem. If you like, I could proofread the rest of the song. Just send me a PM if you're interested.

petit élève    Fri, 30/03/2018 - 17:08

I can kiss my morning goodbye by habit of my evening insomnia -> the "kiss goodbye" part is a few lines below Regular smile
Ther rest seems ok to me.

DanielZ    Fri, 30/03/2018 - 17:54

Much appreciated--your comments were so helpful. Merci!