Passion Pit - Little Secrets

  • Artist: Passion Pit
  • Translations: Italian, Spanish

Little Secrets

when I came down the dawn poured into me
I shook 'em up the walls came crumbling
my thin skin trembling with these salty wounds
my stolen gold inside the emperor's tomb
now painting rainbows on my ugly face
I built this cardboard neighborhood's disgrace
but I ascend and serve my feverish need
within the confines of such chemistry
let this be our little secret
no one needs to know we're feeling
higher and higher and higher
higher and higher and higher
but I feel alive, oh, I feel it in me
up and up we keep on climbing
higher and higher and higher
higher and higher and higher
my face blew up at such a casual sight
the smattered colors of ecstatic fright
the rush above me to oblivion
outlining wet sidewalks in halogen
have you ever felt so goddamn strong?
how come it takes some people so damn long
he turned to squeeze the lemon juice to rain
the citrus drawing out the scene in stains
mother, I can tell what you've been thinking
staring at the stars on your ceiling
thinking once there was a power that you were weilding
but now I've hit the mark,
stabbing at the dark
and I cannot help but ignore the people staring at my scars
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