Christmas Carols - Pastre de montanha (English translation)


Pastre de montanha

Pastre de montanha, la Divinitat
A pres pèr companha, vòsta umanitat
Son dins la persona d’un pichòt garçon
Que son paire dona pèr vosta rançou
La tropa fidèla, a pres grand plesi
D’ausi la novèla que l’ange i a di
An pena de crèire qu’acò sié verai,
Volon l’ana vèire, aqui vonte jais
Lo pus vielh de pastre, e lo pus savènt
Consulta les astre, se fara bèu temps
Des qu’en luna plena fai totjorn temps dret
E quand l’aura mena dis que fai bèn frère
Guilhaume s’abilha viestis son jargau
E dis a sa filha, “Istas a l’ostau
Debanas la seda, gardas lo tropèu
Mosès vostre feda, largas lis agnèu
Se vista sa femna, gonfla coma un buòu
Jito de lagrema, gròssa coma d’uòu
Es desconsolada quan non po anar
Veire l’Acochada e l’Enfant qu’es na
Lis autri pastora, deman de-matin
Viron li sèt ora, saran pèr camin
Crese que si mofla le faran pas mau
Car lo vent que sofla n’es pas gaire caud
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English translation

Shepherd of the Mountain

Shepherd of the mountain, the Divinity
Has taken for companion, your humanity
They are in the person of a little boy
That his father gives for your ransom
The faithful flock, took such great joy
Hearing the tidings that the angel told them
They had trouble believing it could be true
They wanted to go see, to where he lies
The oldest of the shepherds, and the wisest
Consults the stars, it will be good weather
As soon as the moon is full, that’s always the right time
And when he will have led them, say that he is a good brother
William dresses himself, he puts on his jerkin
And tells his daughter, “You’re at home
Unroll the silk, watch the flock
Move your ewe, spread out your sheep.”
He sees his wife, swollen like a cow1
Pouring tears, round like an egg2
She’s disconsolate that she cannot go
To see the Lady who gave birth and the Infant that’s there
The other shepherds, early in the morning
They’ll see around seven o’clock, they’ll be on the path
He thinks if it’s easy, it won’t give them aches
Because the wind that blows is hardly warm
  • 1. I don’t know of a prettier way to say this in English.
  • 2. The idea is that she’s pregnant.
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Note: the singing in the video skips the 5th verse.

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