Patrick Juvet - Another Lonely Man


Another Lonely Man

He is just another lonely man
Though he has everything
But in spite of all his fame and wealth
He's very unhappy
Cause there's something that he lacks inside
To brighten up his life
He sits back and thinks about his past
When he was very young
He remembers how he used to laugh
To hear the bluebirds’ song
But he soon forgot about the sky
And tell you why?
He thought he had to work hard for money
And there was no time
No time for their sweets and for pleasures
No time to watch the rain fall
And no time to hear the birds’ song
No time to care for anything but his needs
He is just another lonely man
Though he would like to be
Just a plain old ordinary man
Then he would be happy
But now money takes up his time
The girls and why?
Money, he spends his time counting money
Women and parties
Parties for the rich and jetsetters
People who only to care for their money and all the good times
The good times people have when they have money
He is just another lonely man
I understand his needs
And I try to do the best I can
To make him feel happy
For I think I am the man's best friend
Because the lonely man is me
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