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It is Lindor, it is Tircis 1 and it is all our victors!
It is Myrtille, it is Lydé! The queens of our hearts!
How they are defying! How they are always proud!
How we dare to reign 2 our fates and our days!
Pay attention! Observe the measure! 3
Oh, the mortal wound! The pace is quicker! 4
And the fall is more certain! We'll reduce their prattle!
We will soon become their lackeys! They are so ugly! With precious, sweet little faces!
They are such madmen! (With quaint tunes!)
And it is always the same, and will be like this forever!
We love! We hate! We curse their loves!
We love! We hate! We curse their loves!
Goodbye, Myrtille, Eglé, Chloé, you mocking demons!
And so, farewell and good day to the tyrants of our hearts!
And good day!
  • 1. A reference to the 1625 Corneille play "The False Letters.
  • 2. or rule; basically, to control.
  • 3. probably referring to some kind of rules.
  • 4. lit. 'less slowly'.
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