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Pe trouz war an douar (English translation)

  • Artist: Bran
  • Song: Pe trouz war an douar
English translationEnglish

What Noise Is upon the Earth

What noise is upon the earth, what song do I hear?
How beautiful are the voices coming from the heights of Heaven!
Angels, tell us, what is the cause of your song?
What glad tidings have come to the world?
Sing together with us, sing, people of the earth
We have come to tell you tidings without equal:
A little blessed Son, King of Jerusalem,
Is born unto you in the town of Bethlehem.
Come is the appointed time of the prophecies
The night a thousand times happy has broken our bonds!
Sing glory and honour to Jesus, to Mary,
Come is God to man, come is the Messiah.
Come is God to man, come is the Messiah.
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Submitted by tdwarmstdwarms on 2017-11-08
Author's comments:

In my own translation, I've tried to be faithful to the Breton while also incorporating traditional English Christmas vocabulary.


Pe trouz war an douar

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