Pecking order

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Pecking order (English) — A (command) hierarchy of status seen among members of a group of people. Seen in animal behavior, originally observed among hens. Those farther 'up the pecking order' are those who are in positions of more power, prestige and authority.

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Pecking order — неофициальная иерархия; сложившийся порядок подчинения.

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Translations of "Pecking order"

EnglishChain of command
Germandie Hackordnung

"Pecking order" in lyrics

[1st Verse: Prevail]
Oral speech, coral reef, beach submariner,
Orbital bone gets cracked up with the chrome like the punisher,
The microphone transponder, transported galvatron, transformer galvanized, oversized pecking order,
4th quarter hail mary Prevail wins the game again
Westerly winds rip up your sails till they're paper thin, pirate ship, private stock, power plant,

Swollen Members - Almost Famous

When people say things like
Kids can be cruel?
Every school was a big top circus tent
And the pecking order went
From acrobats to lion tamers
From clowns to carnies

Shane Koyczan - To this day