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Pediculis pubis (English translation)

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Pediculis Pubis (duet with Riblja Čorba)

It was November - either the sky was crying or God pissing
When I saw her like a soaked mouse
In the dark, I shared some gum with her
I told her, listen girl, you'll get pneumonia
Come to my place, my house is just round the corner
And I smiled, and since then I've been scratching
Yeah, yeah, yeah
December in Sarajevo, Holiday Inn
The lady's consuming tonic and gin
Smiling sweetly, she's from Zagreb
Here for a short trip
And while it's snowing outside, she talks about Krleža
Come on, woman, let it go, I'm not into that
Let's go upstairs, you beautiful being
Pediculis pubis
Pediculis, pediculis pubis
There were warm drinks, jokes and laughs
The central heating drying her dress
Idyllic - she was naked
Just like ever other stupid male pig
Slowly, slowly, I rose like yeast
That's how we Serbs are... and that's why I'm itchy
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And who would have thought, in a room full of perfume
With her, the queen of soaps, oils and creams
What a mistake - man, am I itchy!
This is a hundred times worse, hundred times blacker than in Niš
When I had the clap in the army
This happy Bosnian bit down, bit down on a bug
Pediculis pubis
Pediculis, pediculis pubis
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Submitted by DfluxDflux on Thu, 16/06/2011 - 14:00
Author's comments:

Pediculis pubis is commonly know in the English speaking world as crabs, or pubic lice. This song is therefore hilarious and has great gross-out factor. Enjoy!


Pediculis pubis

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