Los Twist - Pensé que se trataba de cieguitos (English translation)

English translation

I thought they were blindmen

It was a saturday night
I had money and it was hot
I said: "dude, take the chance that you're young"
and I went to the movies to see a horror film
I came out to the street, I stopped a cab, and I went (over there)
I got down at Sarmiento and Esmeralda
I bought a pack of Renomé sweets
then I feel a man is calling me
when I turned around I found out they were six
well combed, well dressed and with a Ford (color green)
I thought they were blindmen
the six were wearing sunglasses
when they came they said "Good evening
where do you work? where do you live? who are you?"
soon they invited me to ride on the ford
We came to a building
and behaving so correctly
they subjected me to a brief interrogation
that lasted almost four hours and a bit more
"it's too late" they said "there are no buses...
stay! (please)"
After three days of living with them
in a good way they told me: "Leave!"
they returned me my shoelaces and my belt
they had them, I didn't ask them why
when I was getting out... they promised me
they asserted... they repeated...
"We'll see you again!"
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Pensé que se trataba de cieguitos

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