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Friday the 13th

We are in Budapest1
Around here you get acid in your coffee instead of cream
If you tell the chick to swallow, she'll surely give you the finger
Even though they all do porn and their IQ is capped
I only like the ones that suck me dry
But I don't only dig those who suck a lot
There are many people who soil themselves if we bring the whiskey
Believe me it cleans you out!
We don't wan't no temper tantrums from anybody
Only those do that who fuck Krisztina in Eger2
If the dealer gives you the middle finger, there goes your weed
So if you need a good joint, trust only in me
Maybe your twelve won't be twelve just ten
But this is powder free and it's not soggy with water
The aroma scrambles you up, it's Dutch flavor
If you take one whiff you'll be frozen instantly
I'll give you from my own, by tomorrow morning I'll be empty
I can feel that the dough is as far for me now as Bangkok
I want huge blunts to dangle from my mouth
You only get from me what you gave me
Let's shake hands3while my pistol is banging!
Your mom has sent you here, with a warning not to leave your teeth4
Little dude, what can you do? But I'm chasing my money
While you make music, I'm sharpening my sword
I'm drinking kick-ass cocktails on the beach
And if there's no money I still won't be a leech
One day I'll have a huge ass yacht too
And I'll pay my monthly fees as due
Every fake badass is scared
That he'll be the one who gets buried by a couple of guys in Friday5
I'm your enemy in the morning and your bro from 6 PM
You have trouble noticing when something works out well
I'll be the one who digs into piles of money
While my chick parks my ride some place
I can be picky, I don't want a girl who snores
If you do that too, have somebody do surgery on your throat
A weak blade does not cut my neck open
Aza, my bro, don't try to pick fights with people
I'll set you straight here
And don't you think that I won't bust your nose in
I had to become presumptious because of you
I'm rebellious, a Biblical hero in earthly circumstances
I'm Abel here in the vastness of Pest6
And I'm greatful to the Lord that he created me
Thank him that Tirpa is making you laugh now!
Steal the album, it's okay if it wasn't you who bought it
I've put down the joint, so that I won't go crazy
"Stay still!" otherwise I'll fire a shot
Or I could say, that I'm going to injure you
Your CD is unsellable, nobody is buying it
You're always talking about what you never really do
You won't help yourselves by provoking a rabid dog
We'll park in front of the jail, when you step out into the sun
The ride is stolen, but I don't worry, unless we have to wait
If you invoke Killakikitt, we'll watch you right away
You don't know who did you fuck with, listen, so that you realize
The pitbull that's pissing on you is mine
You'll learn that you can't mess with anybody
What's up bro, what we smoked is a proper show!
I always taste the stuff before I deal it!
What's up bro, what we smoked is a proper show!
I always taste the stuff before I deal it!
What's up bro, what we smoked is a proper show!
I always taste the stuff before I deal it!
What's up bro, what we smoked is a proper show!
I always taste the stuff before I deal it!
  • 1. The capital of Hungary.
  • 2. This is a wordplay that I can't translate. Egerszegi Krisztina is a female Hungarian Olympic champion swimmer. The rappers took her family name "Egerszegi" and cut it into two pieces. They used the first part "Eger" (a Hungarian town) as a location and the second part "szegi" as a verb. The second part doesn't mean much in itself but the way they used it make it sound like as if it was something dirty, like fucking.
  • 3. Another possible meaning: "Give me a tip!" (gratuity).
  • 4. Leaving your teeth somewhere is a Hungarian metaphore for dying.
  • 5. Not a typo, "in Friday".
  • 6. "Ábel a rengetegben" (Abel in the vastness) is a Hungarian novel from 1932. The rapper puts it in a different context by saying the he's Abel in the vastness of Pest (Pest is one half of Budapest, the capital of Hungary).
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Péntek 13

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