Tormenta - Perdóname he sido una tonta (English translation)

English translation

Forgive me I've been a fool

Forgive me, forgive me darling I'm a fool
forgive me can't you see I'm trembling, I'm crying
I went with him because I thought you didn't love me anymore
but you gotta know that even with him I was thinking of you
Forgive me, every caress aches in my skin
forgive me, I'll feel like dying if you don't smile
hold me because in the end you see I understood
I won't behave like a small girl without a reason
Forgive me I looked for his love maybe for forgetting you
to ease this grey loneliness between his arms
you know well I always breathed with your memory
with all you gave to me without asking anything in turn
Forgive, forgive, forgive me I'm honest
because this doesn't mean that I love him
you'll see how time erases your pain
understand that it was just a moment
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Perdóname he sido una tonta