Persona non grata

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Persona non grata (Latin) — Person not welcomed.
A person who is not welcomed, uninvited, unacceptable.
A foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country's government. (eg. war criminal, illegal aliens, etc.)

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Persona non grata — ανεπιθύμητο πρόσωπο

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Translations of "Persona non grata"

ItalianPersona non gradita

"Persona non grata" in lyrics

На простотията трябва да се наложи бойкот
И яката музика е антидот.

Не, не, не, не, не искам да бъда, като тях persona non grata
Не, не, не, не, не искам да бъда поредната causa perduta

Grafa - Causa Perduta

Stupidity is banned with boycott
Cool music is antidote

No,no,no,no, I don't want to be just - LIKE THEM persona non grata
No,no,no,no, I don't want to be the - THE NEXT causa perduta

Grafa - Causa Perduta

Na prostotiyata tryabva da se naloji boykot
I yakata muzika e antidot.

Ne, ne, ne, ne, ne iskam da byda, kato tyah persona non grata
Ne, ne, ne, ne, ne iskam da byda porednata causa perduta

Grafa - Causa Perduta

In a whistle and bell-o-rama, black mollies that dress up like piranha
It's not even compelling melodrama
It's a comedy, somebody wanna shop you as a saga
I'm very voluntarily persona non grata
You fuckin' dorks ain't the leaders we need
This ain't the medium for divas out to weasel and breed

Aesop Rock - Dorks

Who reads the book of your life,
Who makes notes in the margin
With bloody ink,
Your soul is again persona non grata.

A point of no return, a point of no return,

Undervud - A point of no return

Moya noch' - eto libo sekhs, libo tekst.
On dlya tebya - test, dlya menya i stress i grotesk.
Vsem sognutym v ramkakh, plyunu v litso mnogokratno.
Da, ya - persona non-grata. Eto ne skromno, no pravda.
Zachem vy khrilite? By ne pra pra pradedy.
Sey rep, navernyaka, kak kradenyy.

Blank - Ridah For Life (Remix)

Here I am back in the arena
Whoring myself from table to table
At the big sponsors ball
I was persona non grata
And now amongst the upper crust
Being welcomed once again into the arms

Matmatah - At high tide

Jeg veit da at du sneik deg kjappt over gata
med en gang du så at det var meg
Har jeg nå blitt persona non grata
fordi jeg var så teit å låne deg
Masse kroner som jeg aldri ser i igjen

Joachim Nielsen - Selvmedlidenhet (er en synd)

I know that you quickly cut across the street
Right away when you saw that it was me
Have I now become persona non grata
Because I was dumb enough to give you a loan
A ton of money that I'll never see again

Joachim Nielsen - Self-pity (is a sin)

Me revoici dans l'arène
À tapiner de table en table
Au grand bal des mécènes
J'étais persona non grata
Et voici que dans le gratin
M’accueille à nouveau dans ses bras

Matmatah - À marée haute

Looking to survive
She needs cash
No mama, no papa
<em>Persona non grata</em>
Quick money, sweet cash

Sauti Sol - Dollar Dollar


Enrique Bunbury - No se fie