Pesnya Lisy Patrikeevny (English translation)


Pesnya Lisy Patrikeevny

В глухомани, в лесу, несмотря на красу,
Дни проводит Лиса Патрикевна.
Я никак не пойму, отчего почему
Не пускают куму на деревню.
Я надежна вполне.
Стать быть птичницей мне.
Я б тоску в пух и перья развеяла!
Я б ночей не спала, все бы кур стерегла,
Петушка, как родного, лелеяла!
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English translation

The Song of Fox Patrikevna

In the middle of the woods, despite her beauty
The fox Patrikevna spends her days
I just can't understand, why-oh-why
Why they won't let their godfather into the village
I'm completely trustworthy
and could be your birdwatcher
How I yearn for fowl and scattered feathers !
I wouldn't sleep at night, but guard all your chicken!
And also the dear cockerel !
His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all
who play stringed instruments and pipes. (Genesis 4:21)
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