Peter And The Wolf lyrics

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Peter And The Wolf

From a far, far, land:
Here is the story of Peter and the Wolf!
On my own, I was dreamin' of a [...] tree
Question grows, was the mystery that surrounded me?
Somethin's shadow's movin' in the silent night
Many voices callin' out my name
But this creature's comin' out the underground
And I almost felt to cry!
Freedom! Freedom!
Can't you see?
Freedom! Freedom!
Step1 by me!
Freedom! Freedom!
Can't you see?
Freedom! Freedom!
Step by me!
Who are you?
Just a spirit in these night of fool
I'm the queer2
He said while the others are too hussy(?)
You're the ease of guilty conscious, otherworld
People used to hide it all3 inside
Now we started looking for another place to built
And at least we got our freedom!
Hobbits dancing in a tango,
I wish I had a mango, sweet sweet mango.
Who [...] turning round?
Hiding in the bush, I can't be found.
Don't go away, stand by me -
I wish I had a knife to set you free.
It's okay, isn't it true,
Isn't it enough for me and you?
  • 1. Could be 'stand'
  • 2. Could be 'queen'
  • 3. Not sure how correct this is, but it at least makes sense.
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