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I Really Don't Hate Christmas lyrics

  • Artist: Phineas and Ferb (OST)

I Really Don't Hate Christmas

You see, Valentine's is torture and my birthday is a mess
New Year's is a lot of noise and Arbor Day's a pest
Halloween's a horror, but I guess I must confess
That I really don't hate Christmas
You see, Flag Day is infernal, April Fools' is just a bore
Mardi Gras's a waste unless you own a candy store
All these other holidays, I can admit that I abhor
But I really don't hate Christmas
Now it isn't that I like it
At the most, I feel ambivalence
But should I really just destroy it?
I'll admit that I'm still on the fence, it makes me tense
From the evil scientists' community I'm sure to get ejected
But for Christmas, I can't seem to summon any true invective
Because what is there to hate? I mean, it's really so subjective
Though I really don't hate Christmas
I hate puppy dogs and kittens, I hate flowers in the spring
Heck, I even hate the sunshine and the birdies when they sing
I can work up animosity for almost anything
Tell me why I don't hate Christmas
Though my childhood was atrocious
Christmas never was that bad, you see
So the most that I can muster is complete and total apathy
What's wrong with me?
How can I prove that I'm an evil villain worth his salt
When with a holiday so jolly, I can't even find a fault?
If I didn't feel ambiguous, I'd launch a big assault
But I really don't hate Christmas
Oh, what the heck. Kickline!
No, I really
No, I really don't hate Christmas
I have an intense, burning indifference!
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