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Phiroon Dhoondta Maikada Tauba Tauba (English translation)

  • Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (نصرت فتح علی خان, نصرت فاتح‌علی خان, NFAK)
  • Song: Phiroon Dhoondta Maikada Tauba Tauba

Phiroon Dhoondta Maikada Tauba Tauba

Hamesha mere saamnay se guzarna
Nigaahain chura kar mujhe dekh lena
Meri jaan tum mujhko itna bata do
Ye kya cheez hai gar (agar) muhabbat nahi hai
Hazaaron taman'naain hoti hain dil main
Humaari to bass ik tamanna yehi hai
Mujhe ik dafa apna keh k pukaaro
Bass is k siwa koi hassrat nahi hai
Phiroon dhoodta maikada?
Tauba Tauba!
Mujhe aaj kal itni fursat nahi hai
Submitted by Sandesh ThapaSandesh Thapa on 2022-11-24
English translationEnglish
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So bad! I fathom out a tevern

You always go by me,
and secretly seeing me,
my life, explain me it,
if it's not called love so what's it?
the heart cherishes end number of desires,
although I have only one desire that you may call me an intimate,
I have no other desire but this one.
To fathom out a tavern,
so bad!
I don't have such time.
Submitted by abujafarabujafar on 2022-11-30
Added in reply to request by Sandesh ThapaSandesh Thapa
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