blow out of the waterEnglish-
to be in the soupEnglish1
shout oneself hoarseEnglish2
Tip the scalesEnglish1
(to be) caught with chaffEnglish8
en réserveEnglish2
(not to) have what it takesEnglish2
put (someone) onEnglish1
to a TEnglish-
It's the same old storyEnglish8
to be in high dudgeonEnglish8
All bark and no biteEnglish6
All talk and no ciderEnglish6
connect the dotsEnglish1
Better an egg today than a hen tomorrowEnglish53
patience is a virtueEnglish-
tell me whenEnglish2
say whenEnglish2
the weakest go to the wallEnglish-
strictly businessEnglish-
from scratchEnglish7
bend the truthEnglish-
go to the wallEnglish-
To come to naughtEnglish116
chew over somethingEnglish1
May as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.English1
take something out on somebodyEnglish4
to lay the blame for something at someone's doorEnglish4
What you sow is what you reapEnglish7
slink awayEnglish4
vanish into thin airEnglish4
Hip toEnglish-
While there's life, there's hopeEnglish2
get flakEnglish-
English #1, #2, Russian
Greek to meEnglish28
An idle mind is the devil's workshopEnglish6
kiss and tellEnglish-
stand correctedEnglish-
there's no time like the presentEnglish3
without rhyme or reasonEnglish5
old is gold.English1
to play to the galleryEnglish2
The common horse is worst shodEnglish1
the queen of ShebaEnglish4
too big for your bootsEnglish4
The world is your oysterEnglish27
there’s no comparisonEnglish2
Lend your money and lose your friendEnglish4
like a startled swanEnglish2
to know the ropes.English4
English #1, #2
ups and downsEnglish7
walk on airEnglish10
be floating on airEnglish10
be dancing in the streetsEnglish10
be in seventh heavenEnglish10
over the moonEnglish10
To be beside oneself with joy.English10
be not worth a brass farthingEnglish1
take something lying downEnglish1
to hold in contemptEnglish1
In two shakes of a cow's tailEnglish18
in next to no timeEnglish18
before you know itEnglish18
before you can say Jack RobinsonEnglish18
put somebody through the mill.English6
English, French #1, #2, Russian
Put somebody through the wringerEnglish6
Never judge a book by its coverEnglish7
Appearances are deceptiveEnglish7
to be at sixes and sevensEnglish6
tough callEnglish-
Pride comes before a fall.English2
Strike goldEnglish9
English #1, #2
to its apogeeEnglish1
play to the crowdEnglish2
work the roomEnglish-
A bit on the noseEnglish-
fill the gapEnglish-
make doEnglish-
Think twiceEnglish-
may God stay with youEnglish1
Shut up!English103
My home is my castle.English4
A day and a mile awayEnglish13
to see pink elephantsEnglish2
Before my timeEnglish-
Your pure heart dyed blackEnglish-
Make the flowers bloomEnglish-
Better sorry than safeEnglish2
small fryEnglish2
Cut somebody some slackEnglish-
to do something for kicksEnglish1
to go tits-upEnglish-
Pinch penniesEnglish2
as sound as a dollarEnglish-
Break the bankEnglish1
More by accident than designEnglish1
Vim and VigorEnglish-
Snowed UnderEnglish2
In VogueEnglish-
out and aboutEnglish1