cut teeth on somethingEnglish1
baby bluesEnglish-
curl up and dieEnglish2
it's morning in ÜsküdarEnglish1
blow this Popsicle standEnglish-
lone wolfEnglish1
start the ball rollingEnglish-
budge an inchEnglish-
once in a lifetimeEnglish-
all shapes and sizesEnglish-
poetry in motionEnglish-
all fur coat and no knickersEnglish1
Stay GoldEnglish-
To give a bad nameEnglish-
Botch upEnglish1
15 minutes of fameEnglish-
Every Jack has his Jill.English1
Arabic #1, #2
You are goldEnglish-
revel in somethingEnglish-
Go back to the drawing boardEnglish3
Get something out of your systemEnglish1
easy does itEnglish1
In the depths of someone's soulEnglish3
Push something all the way throughEnglish-
Nothing to sneeze atEnglish-
Jig was upEnglish1
stay putEnglish2
drop a dime on youEnglish2
English #1, #2, Turkish
Drop a dime on someoneEnglish2
Don't let the door hit youEnglish1
Don't let the door hit you on the way outEnglish1
lucky breakEnglish-
runt of the litterEnglish-
go to bat forEnglish-
golden ruleEnglish-
by dint ofEnglish-
at a boyEnglish-
With toil and dreadEnglish3
To not miss a thingEnglish1
Knock spots off someone/somethingEnglish1
willy nillyEnglish1
Royal bloodEnglish9
Drag sb into sthEnglish1
To give with one hand and take away with the otherEnglish1
take the pipeEnglish-
To pick on someoneEnglish1
Beat the drum of someone/somethingEnglish2
To give somebody free handEnglish2
Money is no objectEnglish-
To keep something quietEnglish1
Time is on your sideEnglish-
Not the end of the worldEnglish1
Big mouthEnglish1
Take on faithEnglish-
The evil eyeEnglish1
A shoulder to cry onEnglish-
wave a magic wandEnglish-
give someone an earfulEnglish-
I can't get enough of youEnglish1
I'm cross with youEnglish1
To pull someone's legEnglish1
God forbidEnglish2
Leave it to meEnglish1
Don't put words in my mouthEnglish1
Put something in a jarEnglish2
You had it comingEnglish3
promise the earthEnglish1
I say "Jump," you say, "How high?"English-
leave someone flatEnglish-
hold with the hare and run with the houndsEnglish2
simply putEnglish1
Chasing rainbowsEnglish-
Beat (one's) head against the wallEnglish6
no ifs, ands, or butsEnglish2
for old times' sakeEnglish3
It's such an ancient pitch!English-
snake oilEnglish-
English #1, #2
Pitching a tentEnglish1
nothing is impossibleEnglish3
impossible is nothingEnglish3
another day another dollarEnglish3
Another day another dimeEnglish3
Weight of the worldEnglish-
look on the bright sideEnglish-
make up for lost timeEnglish-
come and goEnglish-
jump out of one's skinEnglish-
throw a partyEnglish1
round the cornerEnglish1
off the back of a lorryEnglish-
give a hundred percentEnglish-
come up withEnglish-
make a differenceEnglish2
drop a lineEnglish-
stay in touchEnglish2
break the newsEnglish-
think straightEnglish-
an ace up one's sleeveEnglish2