Haste makes waste.English10
on the fenceEnglish1
A bad workman blames his tools.English6
To give carte blancheEnglish15
Free handEnglish15
As the old cock crows, so crows the young.English1
pros and consEnglish4
Top dogEnglish-
همه راهها به يك جا ختم مي شوندEnglish20
Misfortune never comes singlyEnglish8
خونسرد باشEnglish8
پز دادنEnglish4
اينقدر منم منم نكنEnglish3
كاسه اي زير نيم كاسه داشتنEnglish13
بد بياري پشت بد بياريEnglish3
طبل تو خاليEnglish3
give someone the brush-offEnglish2
bury the hatchetEnglish4
at seaEnglish3
all of a doodahEnglish3
be in cloud cuckoo landEnglish3
be miles awayEnglish3
spin a yarnEnglish1
To sweat bulletsEnglish5
An empty vessel makes more noise.English3
A burnt child dreads fireEnglish27
A wolf in sheep's clothingEnglish31
Diamond cuts diamondEnglish51
It takes a thief to catch a thiefEnglish8
Measure for measureEnglish51
To be in the driving seatEnglish4
A word to the wise!English2
be not much between the earsEnglish2
Throw dust in someone's eyesEnglish4
To drive madEnglish2
Go madEnglish26
To go the way of all fleshEnglish104
An uninvited guest is seldom welcome.English4
Sleep like a babyEnglish-
Couldn't tell from a bar of soapEnglish-
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutelyEnglish-
on the shelfEnglish-
On the verge of deathEnglish8
English, Persian #1, #2
At death's doorEnglish8
To be on (one's) deathbedEnglish8
On one's last legsEnglish8
English #1, #2, Russian
point the finger at someone or point an accusing finger at someoneEnglish4
To go back on one's wordEnglish2
Too many cooks spoil the brothEnglish6
To be beside oneself with joyEnglish1
have an axe to grindEnglish2
Raze to the groundEnglish1
By leaps and bounds.English1
open secretEnglish17
Birds of same feather flock togetherEnglish24
the gold minesEnglish1
Thick as ThievesEnglish2
Tread lightlyEnglish-
To have something up one's sleeveEnglish13
Music to my earsEnglish-
Change your tuneEnglish4
To have the dope on someoneEnglish5
Get wise to someoneEnglish5
Over shoes, over bootsEnglish1
hit the high spotsEnglish1
cry for the moonEnglish1
Have cold feetEnglish5
be on to someoneEnglish5
Get over yourself!English3
Make it bigEnglish9
Make the big timeEnglish9
to make a splashEnglish9
Down in the mouthEnglish14
out to get someoneEnglish1
show offEnglish4
show outEnglish-
make a clean breakEnglish1
easier said than doneEnglish16
Come down in the last showerEnglish-
Rock upEnglish-
Ashes to ashes, dust to dustEnglish1
The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot.English7
Trump CardEnglish13
Follow SuitEnglish-
At the minuteEnglish-
blow the whistle onEnglish2
walls have earsEnglish3
What in the worldEnglish1
take into accountEnglish14
get a jag onEnglish2
start off on the right footEnglish9
break breadEnglish1
To hold one's courseEnglish-
He who laughs last, laughs bestEnglish2
Necessity is the mother of invention.English1
Run around like a squirrel in a cageEnglish1
on your bike!/ on yer bike!English2
spin your wheelsEnglish1
side splittingEnglish1
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