Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.English1
To the ends of the earthEnglish-
Plead the fifthEnglish1
Mein Name ist Hase, ich weiß von nichtsEnglish1
English #1, #2
There's/That's the rubEnglish6
To set the record straightEnglish1
where there's smoke, there's fireEnglish1
pound of fleshEnglish1
play second fiddleEnglish2
play one's cards rightEnglish-
Cut one's lossesEnglish1
True colorsEnglish5
to be as good as goldEnglish1
peter outEnglish1
penny pincherEnglish5
paper pusherEnglish9
past one's primeEnglish5
at a blowEnglish6
So long!English-
tunnel visionEnglish-
as good as goldEnglish-
the fifth columnEnglish2
paint someone a pictureEnglish2
over the topEnglish-
over the hillEnglish5
Straight and narrowEnglish1
Clear as mudEnglish1
Chasing the DragonEnglish-
down the panEnglish4
out of the clear blue skyEnglish-
open bookEnglish1
on the levelEnglish-
on the fritzEnglish4
put on a dogEnglish3
lock me upEnglish-
Getting heavyEnglish-
way back whenEnglish-
Take a LineEnglish-
on the blinkEnglish4
go against the flowEnglish4
old fuddy-duddyEnglish-
No picnicEnglish-
off the wallEnglish-
off the top of one's headEnglish5
Lay of the landEnglish1
Lie of the landEnglish1
(All) tied upEnglish-
Behind the scenesEnglish-
Gallows humour/Dark humourEnglish2
Look at/Seeing the world through rose-coloured glassesEnglish3
English #1, #2
Nature of the beastEnglish-
nothing to write home aboutEnglish1
not have a leg to stand onEnglish-
over the bodyEnglish5
as you make your bed so will you laying at.English70
drink as you have brewedEnglish70
English #1, #2
there is the wish there is a wayEnglish1
In the palm of one's handEnglish-
Sweet timeEnglish-
millstone around one's neckEnglish2
Midas touchEnglish-
God of the gapsEnglish1
run off the railsEnglish3
throw (one's) cap over the windmillEnglish3
make or breakEnglish1
make heads or tails of somethingEnglish-
Tall taleEnglish5
Above and beyondEnglish-
low man on the totem poleEnglish-
look like the cat that swallowed the canaryEnglish-
look / feel like death warmed overEnglish-
lock, stock and barrelEnglish1
Snitches get stitchesEnglish-
hard headedEnglish3
Elbow greaseEnglish-
sweat guts outEnglish1
lap of luxuryEnglish3
life of RileyEnglish3
leave well enough aloneEnglish7
Run around like a headless chickenEnglish-
kick up one's heelsEnglish-
keep up with the JonesesEnglish-
to keep something under one's hatEnglish-
to be into someone/somethingEnglish-
With the devil on it's backEnglish1
last-ditch effortEnglish-
knuckle underEnglish-
knuckle downEnglish1
for a rainy dayEnglish3
pull the rug out from underEnglish-
knock / throw someone for a loopEnglish-
break one's backEnglish2
keep one's nose to the grindstoneEnglish1
kangaroo courtEnglish-
John HancockEnglish-
ivory towerEnglish1
it’s no skin off someone’s noseEnglish1
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