it's a pie in the skyEnglish-
Beating around the bushEnglish-
Rom wasn't built in a dayEnglish-
The worm will certainly turnEnglish-
to drop s.o. like a hot potatoeEnglish1
Dance with the devilEnglish-
You are the bossEnglish1
to put one's two cents (worth) inEnglish3
Burn to a cinderEnglish1
hand in gloveEnglish-
English #1, #2, French, Hindi, Spanish
get out of handEnglish3
to keep one's wordEnglish2
Eight days a weekEnglish4
fill you upEnglish-
Out the pinEnglish-
flex musclesEnglish1
Wendo MusalyEnglish-
Lonesome ValleyEnglish-
to make a virtue from necessityEnglish5
to go off the boilEnglish-
to hit the ceiling/ roofEnglish2
to go through the roofEnglish2
to change one's tackEnglish-
to move the goalpostsEnglish-
a nip (here) and a tuck (there)English-
to go through the floorEnglish3
take a tumbleEnglish3
Let someone roll off one's backEnglish-
let s.o. downEnglish4
Snap at sombody's heelsEnglish1
Keep someone in lineEnglish1
Five ninesEnglish-
keep it all the way 100English-
in your shoesEnglish-
foul one's own nestEnglish1
to go over JordanEnglish2
Money makes the mare go.English11
Null and voidEnglish3
to give someone the heebie-jeebiesEnglish5
pull that threadEnglish-
English #1, #2
hoof itEnglish3
things are coming to a headEnglish1
English #1, #2, French, Hindi, Italian
Sooner or laterEnglish25
a mixed bagEnglish1
To keep something under wrapsEnglish2
To go on a warpathEnglish2
English #1, #2, French, Hindi
caught up in somethingEnglish-
Read the roomEnglish-
A hungry belly has no earsEnglish3
out to get meEnglish-
Bump ugliesEnglish-
Cast in the same moldEnglish5
to give oneself the nakedness/ barenessEnglish2
Throw a glanceEnglish5
English #1, #2, French, Hindi #1, #2, Spanish
hit listEnglish-
Force of habitEnglish3
A hard row to hoeEnglish-
All things are difficult before they are easyEnglish7
soon to nowEnglish71
Work up to the collarEnglish1
to live beyond one's meansEnglish1
to give someone a dressing-downEnglish2
to lose track of somebody/something.English1
For the love of godEnglish10
blood in the waterEnglish-
smell bloodEnglish-
English #1, #2, French, Hindi, Spanish
the pick of the bunch.English1
Calm after the stormEnglish3
with kith and kin.English4
the CRUX of the MATTEREnglish16
change one's mindEnglish1
to have double standardsEnglish2
English #1, #2
sweet are the uses of adversity.English61
It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.English61
Harp on the same stringEnglish3
To sound like a broken recordEnglish3
cold hands, warm heartEnglish-
change my tuneEnglish1
to take the wind out of someone's sailsEnglish3
Put one’s shoulder to the wheelEnglish1
In shirtsleevesEnglish2
turn tailEnglish1
Nest moneyEnglish4
to drop a bombEnglish1
take one's cue from someone.English2
English #1, #2
take a leaf out of​/​from someone’s bookEnglish2
know sth like the back of your handEnglish6
know something inside outEnglish6
know the ins and outs of somethingEnglish6
cast aspersions on somebody.English3
pick the flowerEnglish-
rush blindlyEnglish-
heart outEnglish-
carry the crossEnglish15
bear the crossEnglish1
English #1, #2, Hindi
Burst with joyEnglish-
flat brokeEnglish5
English #1, #2, German, Russian