House of cardsEnglish21
Castles in SpainEnglish21
Shut up!English66
have bats in the belfryEnglish6
dig up dirt onEnglish-
in the nosebleedsEnglish-
up to the markEnglish-
to meet halfwayEnglish-
Sea changeEnglish-
Rain checkEnglish-
Red herringEnglish-
Mend fencesEnglish-
Fat chanceEnglish1
Love ratEnglish1
white nightEnglish1
blinded by angerEnglish2
drunk on happinessEnglish2
High rollerEnglish-
Ballpark figureEnglish-
to queer the pitchEnglish4
put something on the long fingerEnglish5
keep on iceEnglish5
fizzle outEnglish1
end on a high noteEnglish1
avoid further disappointmentEnglish1
All things come to those who waitEnglish8
prevention is better than cureEnglish1
be firmly persuaded ofEnglish2
be firmly convinced ofEnglish2
Fall like a stickEnglish-
Rise like a rocketEnglish-
Rise like a phoenixEnglish1
(to be/become) a back numberEnglish1
(as if / must) have second sightEnglish1
Tough as woodpecker lipsEnglish1
Tough as nailsEnglish1
When two people quarrel, a third rejoicesEnglish1
Chelsea SmileEnglish1
Run like the windEnglish1
Let ripEnglish-
hold someone / something dearEnglish-
hold someone to somethingEnglish-
kill (oneself) laughingEnglish2
to be stinking richEnglish23
to cry one's eyes out / to bawl one's eyes outEnglish7
to cry like a babyEnglish7
rep the setEnglish-
Humble abodeEnglish-
Knock (someone) down a pegEnglish-
I'm crossing my T's dotting my I'sEnglish-
to dodge (the draft)English1
Piece of workEnglish-
Mill(ing) aroundEnglish-
Every Tom, Dick and HarryEnglish2
to chew the fatEnglish3
to raise a ruckusEnglish5
None of your beeswaxEnglish-
to have a good head on (one's) shouldersEnglish2
(something) slips/slipped (someone's) mindEnglish1
to talk bunkumEnglish8
To give bad luckEnglish2
take this cup away from usEnglish7
Safe as housesEnglish-
Goose eggEnglish3
I' ll eat my hat if.....English1
Stunned mulletEnglish-
to take the rapEnglish4
Dreams are for dreamersEnglish1
to be itching (for smthing)/(to do something)English3
tо work with the left handEnglish2
Cut the cheeseEnglish-
as wise as SolomonEnglish1
ready for the takingEnglish-
to drag (one) over the coalsEnglish13
to go on a bingeEnglish5
to booze it upEnglish5
Chick flick/ Chick lit.English-
Living/Standing in tall cottonEnglish6
Cut someone some slackEnglish1
Against the grainEnglish-
Sweep under the rugEnglish2
play a good knife and forkEnglish1
to blow a gasketEnglish5
to flip outEnglish5
It just goes on and takes itEnglish-
to get in a tizzyEnglish5
To get (one's) knickers in a twistEnglish1
to get (one's) panties in a bunchEnglish1
a whole lot of nothingEnglish3
Jack of all tradesEnglish-
to get highEnglish2
to hang outEnglish2
Even if you became the sun, you wouldn`t light up the whole world.English-
leave it all to chanceEnglish1
Hold the lineEnglish1
to be full of itEnglish-
to tongue-lashEnglish13
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