right side upEnglish1
rightside upEnglish1
throw me a boneEnglish1
Old Gray LadyEnglish-
Davy Jone's lockerEnglish-
Where there's a will, there's a wayEnglish10
Croatian, English #1, #2
to live out of a suitcaseEnglish1
Cannon fodderEnglish1
drunk as a skunkEnglish1
Look who`s talking...English58
Cooter BrownEnglish-
to wish somebody illEnglish1
to cause (someone) sorrowEnglish2
Wipe the slate cleanEnglish15
Lost for wordsEnglish1
Run wildEnglish-
you are my sunshineEnglish-
to face the devilEnglish-
under a cloud or rain cloudEnglish-
take the fallEnglish-
I groan with despairEnglish1
English #1, #2
All over but the shoutingEnglish-
Like hellEnglish4
English #1, #2
Opportunity knocks but onceEnglish2
Talking in tonguesEnglish-
English #1, #2, #3, #4
Hustle pornEnglish-
middle upEnglish-
silver bulletEnglish3
While the cat's away, the mice will playEnglish5
to pay one's duesEnglish1
stand idly byEnglish2
The wolf changes his coat, but not his dispositionEnglish3
Grouse aboutEnglish-
That takes the cake!English1
The world doesn't revolve around youEnglish7
Don't jump the gunEnglish1
Go awayEnglish1
give me a heads upEnglish1
throw me a bone (here)English-
There he goes againEnglish1
Take a diveEnglish-
“no sooner said than done!”English4
to think something overEnglish1
Hot dogEnglish-
upside downEnglish23
English #1, #2, #3
Make hay while the sun shines.English9
Strike while the iron is hot.English9
Lead someone astrayEnglish16
Pull a fast one on someoneEnglish16
Take inEnglish16
Lead someone down the garden pathEnglish16
English #1, #2, Hindi, Russian
You can't fight City HallEnglish2
Take someone for a rideEnglish16
To pull the wool over ons'e eyes.English16
Old habits die hard.English6
Once a thief, always a thief.English6
Doom and gloomEnglish1
fathom the depths of (something)English2
The person who can't reach the grapes, says they are sourEnglish4
In tearsEnglish2
English #1, #2
To lose it.English7
English #1, #2, Spanish
To fly into a rage.English7
Fly off the handle.English7
Bête noireEnglish2
The grapes are sour.English4
Laid eyes onEnglish1
English #1, #2, Russian
get one's foot in the floorEnglish-
let one's hair downEnglish-
To tell someone a few home truthsEnglish4
To err is human.English3
None the wiserEnglish-
everything is yellow to the jaundiced eye.English2
Shove it where the sun doesn't shineEnglish1
Stay on your own side of the fenceEnglish2
To take midnight express.English5
Turning of the tideEnglish3
English #1, #2, Russian, Spanish
to put up a good (bold) frontEnglish1
do my thingEnglish2
at the back of beyondEnglish-
One bone, one fleshEnglish1
Every bean has its blackEnglish3
Against the rainy dayEnglish6
to get caught upEnglish-
full plateEnglish-
fork in the roadEnglish1
fall flatEnglish2
elbow roomEnglish1
carry a tuneEnglish-
It's not always black and whiteEnglish-
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