pick a fight

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pick a fight (English) — to start an argument with someone

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pick a fight — Kavgayı ya da tartışmayı başlatmak

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"pick a fight" in lyrics

Why does he try to read my mind?
(I try to read her mind...)
It's not good to psychoanalyze.
(She tries to pick a fight to get attention...)
That's what all of my friends say.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - Wouldn't Change A Thing

Drove on by your house today,
I know it's hard to stay away.
It's allright, you pick a fight,
But my heart is on the tray.

Anneke Van Giersbergen - Wonder

Maybe I was stupid
For telling you goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight
I know that I got issues
But you're pretty messed up too

Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You

to become brave
and to swear to you like a man, falsely
Love, are you blind?
I can pick a fight easily
but I cannot
leave you just like that

Tony Cetinski - You won again

what's going on, what is it going on, please you shut up now and ever
what's going on, why should I care that, what the heck should I care
don't anything, anything could be okay, yo-heave-ho, you pick a fight to me
ready set and hut, hut, hut(hut!)

Radwimps - TanTrum

If I give you my tears but am strong when you are weak
Playing Sweet Home Alabama on a campfire guitar
If I’m sure of myself, but never too smug
If I’m alpha-man in bed, but never pick a fight

Will you sleep with me then?

Eric Amarillo - If the Truth Be Told

Mr Bartender you will kick me out
And the blonde girl in the back you'll put your tongue down my mouth
And the greaser in the jacket's gonna pick a fight
And he'll probably kick my ass cause I'm drunk every night

3OH!3 - Déjà Vu

Ill - ill - ill
Ill - ill - ill

You push and nag, you only pick a fight
Don't do this, don't do that, be careful
You torment my ears merciless

LaFee - Ill

Save me...
Save me...

What a time to pick a fight
The world is full of those to find
The world is full of those to find

Shady Bard - Torch Song

Do what you please, feel free -
Stay drunk, sleep around, pick a fight
All is cool, do what you choose
Tell lies, double deal, read Premiere *1

Jan Delay - Oh Jonny

Wouldn't be possessed,
you'd never feel depressed
I would snap and bite anyone
who tried to harm or pick a fight
Keep me by your side,
Swear I'll be your light

Zoohacker - Best Friends

Stop forging decree,
Wash your mind from flawed integrity,
Its degraded and dried
Wake up, wash your hands, pick a fight!
Stop being a false watchdog
While you’re pleasantly sipping your tea

Sphingidae - Mutual Agree

Here we go, here we go, we'll take on so much pain
To feel secure or not feel anything
I only pick a fight, I know I'm sure to lose
So how can I not hold my hope for you?

Jimmy Eat World - I Will Steal You Back

خوب نیست که منو تحلیل روحی کنه

She tries to pick a fight
To get attention

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - هیچ چیو تغییر نخواهم داد

If he has a heart, I will love him

Even he punches someone provided he has a reason
Even he punches a bastard, provided he ain't always pick a fight
Even if his not handsome, even if his not smart
If he has a heart, I will love him

DJ Alvaro - My Type of Guy

That no one would get me wrong
But it the samba wants me to go on
I won't contradict it, no
With the samba I don't pick a fight
Of the samba, I don't give up

Chico Buarque - Tomorrow, Nobody Knows

The last verse I will dedicate to talking about alcohol again.
Just like before but now I do it so that I embellish my lines with Savonian dialect.
Now those people who we don't like can quickly get away from here, because when rapping hastily and drinking things may get messy here.
I'm not gonna pick a fight I'm just joking, I rarely get tired when I drink alcohol.
I just hang out in public places during nights, even though I'm easy-going I fight for a friend.
And sometimes it drives a young person to be drunk in a public place,

Timi Lexikon - Talk With a Dialect

What is it now?
You just want to pick a fight
Is something on your mind?
Baby, we can make it right

Nadia Ali - Not Thinking

Especially when I drop the beat and do my acapellas
All the chicks start yellin', all the hot babes
Throw their bras and their shirt and their panties on stage
So like every single night they pick a fight with me
But when we fight it's kinda like sibling rivalry
Cuz they're back on stage the next night with me

D12 - My Band

Stop going repeat
It seems like
When everything's good
Go pick a fight
Then you’re walking out the door
But I’m feeling

Christopher - Crazy

When you wanna be a movie star, c'mon
Play the game and take band real far, c'mon
Play it right and drive a Volvo car, c'mon
Pick a fight at an airport bar

The kids don't care if you're all righ,t honey

My Chemical Romance - Vampire Money

But not that those cam pies would boycott our music
Man, I'm not your average
German John Doe
Pick a fight with me,
And you'll land in the witness protection program

Bushido - Shark

I’ll play a game with you
and I’ll provoke you
to pick a fight at last

Then I’ll get you drank

Fatme (Greece) - I love you like erstwhile

It’s nice to meet you. Could you love me anyway?

​Lying awake thinking about the morning light.
Will you rise to kiss my face or will you pick a fight?
Sometimes though you smile, the question is in your eyes.
Are we just surviving or, baby, can we thrive?

Ginny Blackmore - Love Me Anyway

If you can take a rain check on a stormy night
Then I will love you till you old, like you're Betty white
You can hurt me any other day, pick a fight
But not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night
And not the weekend either 'cause I got a song to write

K’naan - Hurt Me Tomorrow

Day to day
Where do you want to be?
'Cos now you're trying to pick a fight
With everyone you need

Gomez - See The World

The words whoever said, "The pen is mightier than the sword"
Was right and you better think twice
Before you step to me and pick a fight

Plan B (UK) - Sick 2 Def

You want to pick a fight with me, well I have better things to do
I don't know how to apologise, I'm not that smart
I just really want to go back to where we were

You're crying again, I can't console you
I shake my head again, with so much regret

Leehom Wang - Heartbeat

Don't pick a fight with the defiant serbs
You'll lose your swarm of black bombers
Don't pick a fight with the defiant serbs
You'll lose your swarm of black bombers

Rodoljub Roki Vulović - Black Bomber

Can you spot the English here?

Let's pick a fight on whomever we like
Cause we're never wrong
Nobody likes us

Athlete - The Outsiders

And just as things start to feel OK
Then here you come to break away
You love me hard and you squeeze me tight
You let me go then you pick a fight
You make me wanna scream, cry, and shout out-loud
Boy, you got me spinnin round-and-round

Pink - Hiccup

But tonight I'm starting shit, I'm feeling self righteous
I might just hop in a mosh pit on some Mike Tyson and Pac shit
Looking to box with anybody, disorderly conduct
I'll fuck around and snort a key and pick a fight with a locksmith
Fan of the LOX, bananas, manic, I'm going in shock
Frantic, I'm trapped in a closet

Eminem - ShadyXV

My life would suck without you

Maybe I was stupid for telling you goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight
I know that I've got issues
But you're pretty messed up too

Glee Cast - My Life Would Suck Without You

alone staring at the flames
and all fucked up speeding up,
although I wave, you won’t move.
I’m too down, don't want to pick a fight,
Don't feel like fighting
But something is wrong inside of my head

Cheek - Bridges

Some of them big, some of them small.

I went out into the night
I went out to pick a fight with anyone.
Light a candle for the kids,
Jesus Christ, don't keep it hid!

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

I'll let you down

I hate the way you seem to always make us late
You pick a fight, and I'll take the bait
I hate the way you keep it so cold in this room

AJ McLean - I Hate It When You're Gone

Picnic, weed and
Kill time at the foot of the Eiffeltower.

I can swallow your lies or choose to pick a fight.
Bound myself southwards but would rather be free, free, free
Can't waste time with your shit,

Niello - The Legend

now you wanna be hated
pick a fight and go to war
now you need to be hated

Sister - Hated

I'm wearing my wifebeater as I push myself into the bus
I'm wearing my wifebeater as I pick a fight
I'm wearing my wifebeater as I slide my hand
Into your pocket when you can't see

Kurjam - My filthy wifebeater

Well I've been saved by the grace of southern charm
I got a mouth like a sailor and yours is more like a hallmark card
If you wanna pick a fight well I'm gonna have to say good night
I don't have to be hateful, I can just say bless your heart

Miranda Lambert - Only Prettier

I can make anybody pretty
I can make you believe any lie
I can make you pick a fight
with somebody twice
your size. . .

Brad Paisley - Alcohol

Cuz I still have fear I'm tryin' to overcome
My truths aren't right
My jeans are too tight
When I pick a fight I turn to run

All my flawz to see,

Caitlin Crosby - Flawz


Now we're in trouble again
you want to pick a fight
But I don't want this anymore
Let the world know

Joey Moe - 9 mm

Never blame the circumstances,
With romances seldom came,
Never pick a fight you're gonna lose

Queenie eye queenie eye who's got the ball

Paul McCartney - Queenie Eye

take my advise...

You call at night
to pick a fight
You're wasting time
dont call at night

Nomy - You Call At Night

Night 52 was the cruelest of those nights
Would have been easier to just pick a fight
Would have been easier to just pick a fight
Hey yeah

Christine and the Queens - Night52

Be something other than I am
Like have you noticed I’m a woman
Didn’t come to downplay it, or to play it up either
And I’m not trying pick a fight or be nobody's leader
But it feels like everybody’s just a little too interested
In the fact that females can indeed make music

Icon for Hire - Now You Know

I just wanna live again, love again.
Pick my pride up off of the ground.

I'm ready to pick a fight.
' Crawl out of the dark to shine a light.
I ain't throwing stones.

Bon Jovi - Happy Now

a sister more prettier than her wig,
It's called a lie.
And she's a pussy, she's a good friend, but likes to -
pick a fight.
The truth is often sad,
A Two

Baby K - The Truth

Every man I fall for keeps his anger on
A string and holds it tight
When other man walk by blinking their eyes at me
He always pick a fight

I go walk alone down Ocean Boulevard

Cold War Kids - Every Man I Fall For

I get drunk on my mind and call you at five in the morning
And I say what I like
And I don't like playing nice
I might pick a fight without warning
But that gets boring

Zara Larsson - TG4M

however much i make you angry
you shouldn't have said that
however much i push and pull
however much i pick a fight
however many things i made pile up
you shouldn't have said that

Ben (South Korea) - I Should Have Been Good To You When We Were Together

oh oh want to let you know,
oh oh turn on your radio.

Now don't you always pick a fight,
like every other day before you were right,
you make it all seem right,

Xuso Jones - Turn On The Radio

please Misses Pickafight
please don't pick another fight

Baby please don't pick a fight
in the middle of the night

WIZO - Miss Pickafight

With my clothes on, I fight and scream like a madman.
I'm a dangerous murderer, not to mention a maniac.
I insult whoever talks to me, 'cause I'm trying to pick a fight.
Don't tell me hello, 'cause it won't do you any good.

Mihalis Emirlis - The Cause of Evil

Yeah, I'm trying to hook up with this girl in a wheelchair

Alright. Chill there. I think a bulimic
Carebear might pick a fight with Jesus
I don't believe it. I'm gonna be sea sick
These Orphan Tears are about to make me trip

Your Favorite Martian - Orphan Tears

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Maybe we could run

Pick a fight, set the house on fire
With bombs in your eyes
Well, the matter never seemed to make you afraid

COIN - Run

and that's wonderfully said

I barely believe it myself
if I only lie to you and pick a fight
Who have you trusted
when I've been missing once for a week

Leevi and the Leavings - Wonderfully said

Especially when I drop the beat and do my acapellas
All the chicks start yellin', all the hot babes
Throw their bras and their shirt and their panties on stage
So like every single night they pick a fight with me
But when we fight it's kinda like sibling rivalry
Cuz they're back on stage the next night with me

Mikey Bolts - Evolution of Eminem