Pidä pinnalla pää (English translation)

  • Artist: Happoradio
  • Song: Pidä pinnalla pää 2 translations
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Keep Your Head Above The Surface

you want to run
further than your father ever did
he is in a deeper swam
than your mother ever was
the houses of the block
will soon look dilapidated
the dazzling southerly lights
accelerate the pulse
time is a wave
it takes care
that slates stay clean
inexorable is its force
and its direction
but keep your head above the surface
time is a wave
it cleanses
destroys the wrong trees
inexorable is its flow
and its direction
but keep your head above the surface
there is a point in every smile
and death also echoes in laughs
but we also have the morning dew
which clings to our skin
I carry you carefully
and I teach you everything I can
I show you the beautiful horizon
where I sailed to sometimes
time is a wave...
so now I carry you
until you carry me
until it's your turn
to plant a new forest
time is a wave...
keep your head above the surface
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Pidä pinnalla pää

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