piece of cake

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Idiomatic translations of "piece of cake"

2 vuraq 2 (2x2)
Uşaq oyuncağı
ésser (alguna cosa) bufar i fer ampolles
bez po muke
Mačji kašalj
Det er børnelærdom
Legende let
Snoep stelen van een baby
Een fluitje van een cent
Makkelijk als wat
Zeer gemakkelijk!
walk in the park
be like taking candy from a baby
as easy as pie
simple as ABC
it's child's play
Easy peasy (lemon squeezy)
Helppo homma
Jeux d’enfant
C’est un jeu d’enfant
C'est simple comme bonjour
c'est du gâteau
French, Turkish #1, #2
nur ein Klacks (sein)
είναι παιχνίδι/παιχνιδάκι/πανεύκολο
Egyszerű, mint az egyszeregy
Come rubare caramelle a un bambino
Facile come bere un bicchier d'acqua
un gioco da ragazzi
هەر زۆر ئاسانە
Lengvai kaip du kart
Paprasta, kaip du kart du.
مثل آب خوردن
English #1, #2
مثل آب خوردن / دو سوته
bułka z masłem
Proste jak dwa razy dwa, proste jak drut
Tão fácil quanto tirar doce de criança.
Como roubar doce de uma criança
floare la ureche
ca și cum ai lua bomboana unui copil
simplu ca bună ziua
Просто как дважды два - четыре!
Russian #1, #2
Проще пареной репы
как два пальца об асфальт
Как отобрать конфетку у младенца.
Prosto kao pasulj/Mačjii kašalj
дечија игра
dečija igra
Олако/лагано/без тежине/неозбиљно/инфантилно схватање
Prosto k'o pasulj
(To je) malina
mačji kašelj
mala mal'ca
Ser pan comida/ Ser coser y cantar
coser y cantar
lätt som en plätt
Çocuk oyuncağı
tereyağından kıl çeker gibi
çantada keklik

Meanings of "piece of cake"


Mačji kašalj

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Explained by Mate Pralija

very easy;

"The test was a piece of cake" means that test was very easy

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Explained by hariboneagle927

it's very easy

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Explained by Lolaska

A job, task or other activity that is easy or simple.

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Explained by artisticspirit

When something was easy
E.g That test was a piece of cake.

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Duplicate: look for "piece of cake" in Idioms. - St. Sol 3 weeks ago


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"Πανεύκολο", "ευκολάκι", " αυτό είναι παιχνιδάκι" - για κάτι που πραγματοποιείται πολύ εύκολα.

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Explained by Afroditi Dimitriou


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Очень легко, проще простого.

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Kad je nešto lako uraditi, sitnica, mačji kašalj

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çocuk oyuncağı

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"piece of cake" in lyrics

Caramell - Vad Heter Du

Win or lose

yes it sounds like a piece of cake

Giorgia - Truly Live

Quickly living a life
The fruit of sin a woman ate
Now I would like a piece of cake

Lil Jon - Cooking by the Book (Lazy Town / Lil Jon Mash Up)

Back that pussy she’s a motherfucker, hey back that pussy she’s a motherfucker

It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake (what)
If the way is hazy (okay)

Aarzemnieki - Cake to Bake

Don't be proud, mate, please, don't bother
Go, come on and ask your mother
How to bake, how to bake, bake that cake (piece of cake)

Nil Karaibrahimgil - No Title

1. Their(boys) targets are very certain(clear)
2. Their chat is always about sex, money and football.
3.Managing(controling) this is piece of cake(very easy)

2raumwohnung - Wir trafen uns im Garten

Simply everything has been different, too good for the moment
We were pretty much confusded and soon parted
Visit me for a piece of cake, later we’ll go to the zoo
And then we’ll let them search for us, through the radio

Melanie Martinez - Cake

You're just a piece of meat to me
If I am just a piece of cake
I am just a piece of cake
Then, you're just a piece of meat

Boris Vian - The Atomic Bomb Java

"Making an A-bomb, my children, believe me,
It is no piece of cake.
The issue of the detonator is resolved in a quarter of an hour -

KISS - Heaven's On Fire

I got a fever ragin' in my heart, you make me shiver and shake
Baby don't stop, take it to the top, eat it like a piece of cake
You're comin' closer, I can hear you breathe

Lazy Town (OST) - Cooking By the Book Remix ft. Lil Jon

It's a piece of cake to make a pretty cake
If the way is hazy

Moana (OST) - For men

I am at the origin of all phenomena
Waves, flowers, wind
This, to Maui, is just a piece of cake
I killed an eel, interred it

Caramell - What's your name

To win or lose

Yes that sounds like a piece of cake

Glukoza - Let's dance Rossia

Millions roses for my sake
To my feet...
Piece of cake
Yes we're from common girls

Cheek - If I Were You

Because I'll be everywhere this summer, too
Some people say I should rest a bit
But no, no, it's not my piece of cake
I have an obsession with making new music

Cro - Turn (it) up

Because I'm just sitting at home in front of the blog
And after that I'll just churn out these beats
easily and relaxed, like a piece of cake
Yeah, I'm so ready

Timo Pieni Huijaus - Busker

Now I stand under a shelter, get the money from my work. I chose my spot, my piece of heaven.
And I'll give you a piece of cake if you toss a coin into my hat. Or whatever is weighing or hurting your heart.
I keep my word, it's glued in my lap. There's a frog in my pocket, and a mouse lives in my guitar.

Sibel Can - A Piece of Cake

Sayin' i'm your slave all around
Oh god, don't say! Oh god, you don't say!
You've been fooled by thinking i'm a piece of cake

Mary Poppins (OST) - A Spoonful of Sugar

And every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree!

Bart Baker - Rude Parody

With my magic Marley doob
My daughter is all yours dude
Does anyone have a piece of cake?

Man with a mission - distance

Cause everyone thinks they're under control
When it's a piece of cake for him just to plunder your soul ya know it
It happened in the start with Adam and Eve

Katy Perry - Simple

That it's as simple as it seems

I'm not saying that it's a piece of cake
Just take a moment to re-evaluate

Paul McCartney - Too Many People

Too many people going underground,
Too many reaching for a piece of cake.
Too many people pulled and pushed around,

Man with a mission - Distance

Cause everyone thinks they're under control
When it's a piece of cake for him just to plunder your soul ya know it
It happened in the start with Adam and Eve

Johnny Deluxe - Boys Like Me

you might be sweet
But I'm only being turned on by
power an money and the big piece of cake

Beogradski Sindikat - Wildness

I just don't know what's wrong with me
Plus million small companies
But they are piece of cake

Tippa-T - Juicy

what can I do for that I only burn
and get those fucking nipples out of bra
baller of the year, piece of cake
swag is so fast I've never time to sleep

Fler - Violent

no, I wasn't always good,
but I did some thinking when sitting in my room
graduating from high school was a piece of cake[fn]Abitur is the diploma from German secondary school which qualifies for university admission, compare A-levels (BE) and high-school (AE)[/fn]
parties at the golf club from Monday through Friday

Jelena Tomašević - The Radio is Playing Music For Us

End of the town on purpose
The streetlights are being turned on
I'm giving you my lips, like it's a piece of cake

2raumwohnung - We Met up in a Garden

We were quite confused and then soon went our separate ways

Do come for a piece of cake, later on let's go to the zoo
And then let's find ourselves, over the radio

Danser med Drenge - For how long will you humiliate yourself?

Some are born with tears
and for some life is a piece of cake
Some pursue their goals

Kasper Nyemann - The Brunette of Copenhagen

'Cause they wish they could dance like that too
But no one here can do the same things you can
They are trying, but it's a piece of cake to you

Lana Del Rey - hot hot hot

Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong

Life is like, like a piece of cake
'Cause we love to play just for fun in the sun

Zeca Pagodinho - Party Crasher

Even got in line for popcorn

Stole a piece of cake
And the soda

Les Misérables (OST) - Hello Paris

When will we eat a piece of cake?
One day will come where they have to share, because enough is enough!

Fintelligens - Gorge

What can be found underneath it?
You looked better from a distance.
You are not a piece of cake, or that's what you say,
But you have already gone through every guy in this city.

Neoton Família - Loves me or loves me not

We’ve known each other for two days, Csaba and me. He is like Al Pacino but he’s very meek.

Life is a piece of cake sometimes
Not a complicated family story

Fish Leong - thin-thin

Very nostalgic

If one person get only get a piece of cake ,
which was called happiness for the whole life.

Elemental - It's Not Happening

I have sexual slaves, to each married woman I take the man
Kamasutra is a piece of cake,a sheik brings roses to me
I'm a gangster's daughter, I regenerate like Cher

Aura Dione - Picture Of The Moon

If i turn you inside out
I'd find a piece of cake
If you turn me upside down

Barış Manço - Son Of Adam Is Angry Oven And Daughter Of Eve Is Lentil

It doesn't need any one to be down with
Son of Adam is angry oven (and) daughter of Eve is lentil
Some of them eat olive and bulghur some of them eat a piece of cake
For some of them palace is too tight some of them needs a room

Ashlee Simpson - Hot Stuff

Everybody look what I can do
I can bring me leg up all the way (Can she do it? Can she do it?)
Piece of cake

Tinie Tempah - Leak-A-Mixtape

Bang and Olufsen with a fat sound
Banging out my nigga* Zest and one of Mash Town
Success is tasting sweeter than a piece of cake
That Remy got me asking if she lick a dick a day

Chante Moore - This is a Test

To win in the end
You won't have to play again
If love is a piece of cake
I just got to play

Die Antwoord - We Have Candy

But sometimes I get sad and I cut myself...
A piece of cake

Anne Gadegaard - Are you feeling the beat

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Come rise up now, stand up now, bang your hair
Dance yourself to joy, it's like a piece of cake

A Goofy Movie (OST) - Stand Out

All I need is half a chance, a second thought
A second glance to prove I got whatever it takes
It's a piece of cake

Moana (OST) - Don’t worry

You couldn’t even talk, I was already at work
Then the fire came
And stealing it was a piece of cake
It didn’t take much

Serge Reggiani - The Atomic Bomb Waltz

'To build an A bomb
My children believe me
It's really a piece of cake
The question of the detonator

Fool's Garden - Pieces

She took me by the hand
She really took me by surprise
One piece of cake was not enough
And so I helped myself

JJ Lin - To extract the love

An inferno to extract love,
Our hard work was never be a piece of cake.
Happines formed by tears, it's a kind of bavery.

Janna - Rodeo

But if you wanna try, you're allowed to

I'll push you to the edge, piece of cake to me
And I won't cool you down if you start to heat up

Hilary Duff - I'm The Best

Spinnin' like a top I just can't stop.
Now figure eights? Piece of cake.
Look out now, I'm comin' through.

Clout - Without Love

When I was young it was easy for me
Everything I wanna was free
Living seems to be a piece of cake
Questions of reality never seem related to me

Haschak Sisters - I Wanna Dance

Gracie: Madison, WHAT?
Sierra: DEAL!
Olivia: Piece of cake
Gracie: Wait, wait, wait

Yelawolf - Fiddle Me This

And ye ain't ever seen this place
Well here's your American pie
It's a Dixie piece of cake

Hello Sleepwalkers - Deji bōi (デジ ボウイ)

Here like this I can make a smiley face when I'm sad
It's a piece of cake even fake tears
Everything's all right

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair

Love could be a small cafe away

Love is a piece of cake
And making love is all there is to eat

Hello Sleepwalkers - Digi Boy

Here like this I can make a smiley face when I'm sad
It's a piece of cake even fake tears
Everything's all right

Aladdin II: The Return of Jafar (OST) - You're Only Second Rate

Snap me in a trap, cut me down to size
I'll make a great escape
It's just a piece of cake
You're only second rate!

Julie Andrews - A spoonful of sugar

In ev'ry task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark! A spree!

Francesco Guccini - Nighttime song, №2

And moral have coop up your hearts and extinguished your ardours:
It’s good to go back to normal,
Coming back as a part of the herd it’s a piece of cake!
I’m sorry, I do not follow the herd,

Mac Miller - Planet God Damn

It's not a waste when that smile on your face
You tell me you are the place, you parked in my spot
Okay, baby with this piece of cake
We could lay up on the beach, you could feed me grapes

Jean Ferrat - To Brassens

When you suddenly pounce on them
with your clumsy, your heavy hand
it's a piece of cake.

Chris Rea - That’s what they always say

I'm hanging in, the time is wrong
And every morning brings another reason
A piece of cake, no lion share
Just one more dice and you'll be there

Samira Said - Wow, really!

not to repeat again.

Wow! You say that break-up with me was "a piece of cake"! Really!
As if you could have someone like me!

Fler - Frank vs Fler

You're not a VIP, wannabe famous
One time in the USA, and thinking he's a new person
Battling you is a piece of cake for any rapper
I would have killed Farid for his prank buzzing

Moana (OST) - My pleasure

explaining to you every kind of phenomenon
The water, the grass, the soil,
And I have a million other things like a piece of cake
I take a moray, I've torn it apart

J-Hope - P.O.P (Piece of Peace) pt. 1

You are the standard for happiness and you walk that road
I want to fill up that belief
Like a simple piece of cake that fills one's stomach

Zahara (Spain) - Free Fall

It won't be glamour, our hairstyles
That'd conquer the world
But here, we could get our piece of cake
Listen, that no one's going to make us wild


you just release the claim
Keep the change and start the whole thieving scheme again
It’s easy taking candy from a baby, piece of cake
Google don’t give a fuck, they get their profit either way

Alice Cooper - Brutal planet

We took advice from that deceiving snake
He said don't worry it's a piece of cake
And sent us swimming in a burning lake

dilated peoples - Kindness For Weakness

(C'mon) Fuck what your ego say
Don't take shit for granted homey we don't play
All's fair in love and war, piece of cake
But beef is rare like a bloody piece of steak (Don't you take)

Riblja Čorba - Smoke of the pussy

Pickin dim = smoke of the pussy (piece of cake/nothing)

I have a small chance
I'll use every chance

Chris Brown - Summer Breeze

Just like a summer breeze

Better make you cum loud, that's a piece of cake (all good)
I know you gotta go to work, we ain't getting no sleep (woo)

Giorgia - Truly Live

To quickly live a life
The fruit of the sin a woman has eaten
Now I'd like a piece of cake

123Lunatic - GlaDOS vs X.A.N.A. - Epic Pixel Battle #9

Here we go! Prepare your repartee!
Against me, there's no backtracking, this is your last game.
Beating you will be a piece of cake, if these four kids know all your schticks,
Against a big bad teddy bear, a couple turrets should do the trick.

Lazy Town (OST) - Cooking by the Book

Gives the food a different taste

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
If the way is hazy

Cali - I won't live without you

It’s hard to write an “a”
The “m” flows so nicely
The “e” is a piece of cake

The8BitRapBattle - Crash Vs Spyro

But all I see now is just a purple moron,
Even as a lizard, you lack some charisma,
It'll be a piece of cake to crush you in the bass and drums!
Seriously dude, what's wrong with your face?

Nil Karaibrahimgil - All Girls Gathered

ONE! Their goal is so obvious,
TWO! All they talk is sex, money and football,
THREE! Ruling them is a piece of cake,
Without harassing, asking, asking and harassing.

Cat Stevens - Matthew and Son

There's a five minute break and that's all you take
For a cup o' cold coffee and a piece of cake

Masha and the Bear (OST) - Sweet Tooth's Song

Life would be improved
by as much as can be
It'd be easy as a piece of cake

The Hillywood Show - Sherlock Parody

Rollin’ with a suitcase too, solved it like a piece of cake
Dressed in all pink, the killer made a big mistake

Melobunii-P - Bunnies World Domination

This world is mine!

"This is a piece of cake" I say...

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - Tear It Down

Don't dispute the art, I'm like a heavy weight
Yeah, I got this fire I'm a renegade
A-game, heavy weight, renegade, piece of cake
I can do this dance, with my eyes closed

Elio e le Storie Tese - Plafond

Maybe not everyone knows how pleasant it is
to invent a melody in the shower
Going up in pitch, even higher! Piece of cake? No,
'Cause everyone can sing the easier tunes.

The Клюквінс - A Song when All Songs Are Untoward

Someone changes political map of the world
As if Earth is just a piece of cake...
We, despite confrontation and mortification

JoJo Siwa - Kid In A Candy Store

If something about the day just got no taste(la la la la,la la la)
And you're feeling like life's no piece of cake(la la la la,la la la)
If someone salty got you down(la la la la,la la la)

Criolo - Business Card

You think it's all good
You think it's a piece of cake

Alexandru Andrieș - You / If you can

If you can, stay all the winter in the tent,
If you can, just do it, please!
If you can, take another piece of cake
and then you won't feel good!

Eduard Khil - Lumberjacks

Lumberjacks, forty-seven bachelors
We fell cedars of a triple arm's hold
Falling in love for us is a piece of cake
But gals are not coming to our place

Frozen (OST) - Polish up

So we have to polish her up.
That's a piece of cake, though.
This engagemant is just a disguise.

Aladdin (OST) - The Street of Prince Ali

The Prince is a dependable man,
owner of bottomless power.
(Even you scoundrels!) (Line up, it's a piece of cake!)
Our supporter, Prince Ali!

Hernâni da Silva - Intro

Top three de Moz, nigga give or take
Vou ao estúdio levo tea com leite
Ya porque repar pra mim é piece of cake
Nigga tira o cap (tira o cap)

Zahara (Spain) - Free fall

It won't be our hairstyles glamour
What would conquer the world,
But we will be there, ready to pick our piece of cake.
Today that no one is going to be wilder than us,

Pokémon (OST) - Misty's Song

I want to tell you how I'm feeling
And it ought to be a piece of cake
I want to tall you but I really fear

Aladdin II: The Return of Jafar (OST) - Sei solo di serie B

ficcami in una trappola, tagliami via il senso di superiorità,[fn]In inglese, "to cut someone down to size" significa far abbassare la cresta a qualcuno. Jafar usa la frase come doppio senso nel momento in cui il Genio gli lancia contro delle spade, dato che "to cut" da solo significa "tagliare". Ho cercato di riprodurlo in questo modo, in italiano.[/fn]
farò una grande fuga,
è un gioco da ragazzi, come mangiare una torta![fn]"It's just a piece of cake", tradotto "è solo una fetta di torta" si usa per indicare qualcosa di molto facile da fare, appunto, un gioco da ragazzi. Ho cercato di riprodurre in questo modo la cosa in italiano.[/fn]
Sei solo di serie B!

SOFA - Poor girl

Oh poor girl, nobody likes you
Dress on, you have a lot of fiancé candidates
Always the same, too big piece of cake in a family party
Bunch of paint on my face à la Tikkurila to please mom

Super Junior - Candy

You make my life so beautiful!
Like a precious jewel shining bright
Completely cute, cute piece of cake
Aren’t you mine, no?

Super Junior - Candy

You make my life so beautiful!
宝石のように Shining bright
まるで Cute, cute piece of cake

Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life

Peace of mind?
It's a piece of cake!
Thought control!

Super Junior - Candy

You make my life so beautiful!
hōseki no yō ni Shining bright
marude Cute, cute piece of cake
kimi wa boku no mono kai?

Disney Fandubs - A Spoonful of Sugar

And every job
Will become a piece of cake
Very simple

Joe Demicoli - I Will Survive

Because he was on break
He came running with a cup of coffee in his hand
And a piece of cake in the other
He told me, "Give me a moment so that I may drink it