Finnish Children Songs - Pieni nokipoika vaan (English translation)


Pieni nokipoika vaan

Pieni nokipoika vaan,
uunin piippuun katoaa,
yhä ylös yrittää,
katolle hän kiipeää.
Ympärilleen katselee,
auringonkin arvelee
voivan sieltä saavuttaa,
siksi huutaa: Hei hurraa!"
Pikku Nokipoika Vaan
Puhdas Ompi Muodoltaan
Kun Hän Pyhän Tultua
Pois Saa Olla Piipusta
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English translation

The Little Chimney Sweeper

The little chimney sweeper
Disappears inside the chimney
Still he climbs higher
Onto the roof
He looks at his surroundings
Thinks he can
Reach the sun from there
That is why he cheers: "Hooray!"
The little chimney sweeper
Is only clean
During the holidays
When he gets to be away from the chimneys
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SaintMark    Sun, 16/07/2017 - 22:48

awesome translation ! I just adapted the line breaks for stanza 2. would be cool if you could adapt that too..

yoarastrophe    Sun, 16/07/2017 - 23:14

I believe it auto-adjusts whenever the original is edited.

SaintMark    Mon, 17/07/2017 - 19:34

don't know about that, but it looks good now..