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Sergeant Pepper lyrics

  • Artist: Pink Lady (ピンクレディー)
  • Album: Blood new (1987)

Sergeant Pepper

Sergeant Pepper
she can kill you with her smile
Sergeant Pepper
she's got the looks,
she's got the brains, she's dynamite
All the guys turn their heads
just to see her passing by
but they'd never know
with her cunning disguise
she's got one knockout punch
She can be a high class lady
or a lady of the streets
but you'd better watch it
'cause she's more than what you see
she can lock you up for good
If she's after you what you gonna do
'cause you won't even have a chance
When she aims for you she's gonna hit you
at the heart, a-huh, huh....
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Rare english version of "Pepper Keibu" released in europe in 1978


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